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Ouch And Hooray!

22 May

That picture kinda says it all, doesn’t it? Ronaldo triumphs and Almeria is deader than a doornail. The “ouch” is for both me and Almeria. I threw out my back this morning and I’m in quite a bit of pain (as I imagine the relegated Almeria is tonight. My condolences). I’m just trying to stay resting quietly until I go to my acupuncturist tomorrow morning.  I hobbled on down to the pub to watch our boys play the last match of the season and Crissy break the La Liga scoring record. I wasn’t disappointed!
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Put On Your Game Face: El Clasico Edition

17 Apr

I missed quite a bit of stuff last night due to my post-El Clasico state of tipsiness, so I’ll lump everything in along with some Put On Your Game Face action.  I’m going to start out with this great shot of Sergio and Villa.

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Put On Your Game Face: White Hart Lane Edition

15 Apr

Way to make the hottest team in the world look like the Chess Club!

Check out Crozil in their matchy-matchy Superfly boots. That’s a whole lotta purple going on. We’re look like we’re one step away from Violet Beauregarde in Willy Wonka (or you know, a perp walk).

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Updated: Madrid belongs to us!

20 Mar

Our heroes! Karim and Ozi brought it on home in our 2-1 win over Atleti in today’s Derby.  I apologize if this recap is slightly incoherent…

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Curses Are Made To Be Broken

16 Mar

And so this one was…  Real Madrid beat Lyon 3-0 to secure a spot in the Champions League quarter-finals for the first time in 7 years. HALA MADRID! Los Blancos were men on a mission right from the very start and the crowd at the Santiago Bernabeu sang and cheered the boys the whole way through.

The evening, however, began on a somber and contemplative note…

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Mesut ÖMFG!

6 Mar

Seriously, boo? Seriously?! You brought me to my knees today, Özil. You were an absolute and utter thing of beauty on that pitch! I adore you!  Your assists? Everyone at the pub was like “DAMN” and turned to look at me in my Özil jersey. I just nodded sagely. What could I say? You were utter perfection.  And Jorge Valdano agrees with me. He said “Ozil is going to set the standard for the next decade at Real Madrid. He is the kind of player that Madridismo loves. He even makes his opponents have fun.”

More love within…

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Did You Ever Know That You’re My Hero?

13 Feb

Currently, David Barral is the wind beneath my wings.

See this man? LOVE HIM. Why?

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Now THAT’S What I’m Talking About!

7 Feb

Man oh man, it sure was good to see the boys returning to the form of earlier this season! It was a great game and tons of fun. It was fast paced with good crisp passing and damn…it was just such a RELIEF after the past few weeks (heck, month?) of lackluster play. HALA MADRID!

Kaka started things off at the 8th minute with a lovely left footed finish. It was wonderful to see him in the starting line up and scoring so soon. He’s definitely getting back up to speed.

Kaka scores!

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Let’s Hear It For The (New) Boys!

3 Feb

Let’s give the boys a haaaaannnnnd!  We did it! We came, we saw, we scored (twice) and now Sevilla can put a sock in it.

Let's hear it for my baby, you know you gotta understand....

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