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Happy Birthday El Pirata!

2 Jul

1346425310_extras_albumes_0Our gorgeous, glorious hipster pirate turns 27 today. The big question is will he stay at Real Sociedad or return to QPR? I really hope that he stays in San Sebastian. It really seems to suit him there. As ever, there are conflicting reports (but I’m side eyeing that QPR report).  Feliz cumpleaños, Esteban! We miss you. (Even though this is an old picture, I know you’re still too thin. GO EAT SOME CAKE!)

The Daily Drool – Epic Bromance Month: Xabi Alonso & Esteban Granero

27 Dec

fotogranero1-640x640x80Rarely has there been a more deliciously perfect pairing. They share a love of intellectual pursuits,  music, streamlined classic fashion (mmmm, Ray Bans & pea coats) along with chest/facial hair. I applaud their hipster perfection. El Pirata even chose the number 14 at QPR in honor of both Xabi & Guti who he idolizes. Xabi is our resident GQMF and Pirata is his heir apparent. Beautiful classy men, ftw. (BTW, funniest caption EVER for the picture above came from dorkorific: PRETTY SURE MY NAME MEANS ‘STEVIE’ IN SPANISH…AND THIS DUDE’S A SLOPPY DRUNK.” A year and a half later, I still burst out laughing every time I see this picture as a result (then I marvel at the sheer hotness). Continue reading

Mazel Tov! El Pirata Returns To Spain

15 Aug

BRvAxEACYAAvCWiEsteban is coming back to Spain! Even though it’s not to us, he’s at least going to be in La Liga where we can see him more often! QPR announced today that he has signed on for a season long loan at Real Sociedad. Watishista Rose and I were just talking about this last week when the rumors hit the press. As she said “Think of all the pretty Instagram pictures from Donostia! He’ll challenge Juan’s Footballer King of Instagram crown!” Damn straight! And he’ll be in the Ancestral Land (and Club!) of Xabi so his style and effortless cool will even be more devastating. What a fine choice, Young (Hipster) Grasshopper! I AM DELIGHTED. I hope he learns Basque so that my head can explode even further whenever I look at him.

– Lozil

Thursday Bits & Bobs

1 Aug

tumblr_mqug5o9yZs1qbpdiyo1_500Lordy, I have so many bits & bobs, I don’t even have a clue where to start. Ugh. How’s about I just begin with our boys? Here’s Iker (or rather Geeker from the looks of it) with a fan. Our intrepid capi also posted a  shot of his good friend Roy Batty from Blade Runner who was enjoying some LA poolside tanning.  Continue reading

Transfer Rumors: El Pirata To Swansea City?

10 Jul

esteban-graneroThere are reports coming out in the media that Esteban may be headed to Swansea. His agent said Swansea & QPR are currently in talks. More on this as it happens…

Pre-Season Portraits: El Pirata

8 Jul

pirataThanks to watishista Bre for finding this shot of El Pirata by his QPR teammate (currently on loan to Palermo) Alejandro Faurlin. Looking through Ale’s pix, it seems like he’s a guitar player as well. The Hoops have started their pre-season and Esteban is currently with ’em. I wonder what the transfer window will hold for our lovely pirate? In addition to the guitar and mandals, I’m enjoying the box of All-Bran on the dresser. Total hippie, our ElP but hey, at least he’s getting his fiber, right? He’s got other,  more important, things to think about (LIKE COMING HOME). Ahem. As you were.

– Lozil

Thursday Training, That’s What Makes You Visitors, The New Crib Is Almost Complete & More

23 May

Entrenamiento_del_Real_Madrid (4)Sigh. What a bunch of silly goofballs on our team. Love them. Los Blancos had their fourth training of the week and then were joined by some special guests. Continue reading

Some Sunday Bits & Bobs

28 Apr

5d9ee0d2b04811e2a45222000a9e06f4_7Ah, Sunday. Hope everyone enjoyed their day. Mesut seemed to be enjoying his curled up on the couch with puppies Rocky & Balboa. Adorbs! Continue reading

Madrid Of Thrones & More

10 Apr

Ramos - SashayedReal life work is trying to eat my life. Been in meetings since I walked in the door this morning and have been gathering pictures while I’m on conference call. Queen of Multitasking!

Watishista meridiansour sent me a link to these fantastic RM themed Game of Thrones house sigils made by the ever wonderful and hilarious Sashayed. You can create your own here. I’ve put them in a gallery, so click the first one and you’ll be able to go through all of them in a larger size. Continue reading

Karim Gets A Captive Audience, Mesut Speaks, Bits & Bobs

29 Jan

We were today gifted with 10 minutes of translated presser (translation kicks in at about 30 seconds or so). I particularly enjoy how annoyed Karim gets with the headphones in the beginning. I know they’re not Beats, hon, but try to cope. Especially when you have a whole room of people hanging on your every utterance, Mr. Forever Alone. Continue reading