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The Daily Drool: Oriol Lozano

31 Jan

OriolLozanoFarranDefender Oriol plays for Racing Santander who are going through some major struggles right now so I thought we should give him some love. He has represented Spain at the U20 level.

Training, Year Of The Horse, 10 Years Of The Pony & More

30 Jan

117-482-_VCM7239Thumb,8Sergio showed that he count on both hands how many years he’s been active in La Liga. Isn’t his first decade coinciding with the Year of  the Horse a delicious coincidence? BTW, there is video of the boys doing their Chinese New Year greeting but it’s hideous quality. I’m liking it here, but hopefully a better version will be available soon and I’ll post that one. Continue reading

The Daily Drool: Jairo Samperio

4 Nov

jairo samperioWatishista PinPanPamm requested winger Jairo. This 20 year old Muppet Baby came up through Racing Santander’s cantera (just like our beloved Jailbait!) and played on their first team for the last 2 years. He signed with Sevilla on June 21 of this year and made his debut on August 1. He has represented Spain at the U20 level.

The Daily Drool: Olof Mellberg

3 Jun

34 year old center back Olof currently plays for Olympiacos. He has previously played for Juventus, Aston Villa, Racing Santander, AIK and Degerfors. He has made 113 appearances for the Swedish National Team since 2000.

A Match Wrapped in a Clean Sheet

20 Feb

Who doesn’t like clean sheet days and a bit of Sergio wedgie action? More of both for me please! It’s been a while since we’ve faced a team that didn’t manage to slip one past Iker so, Holla! for our defense & wonderful Saint for making it happen. There was good & bad in this match but most importantly, we held on to our ten point lead over La Liga’s 2ND BEST team 😉 Continue reading

The Return of Angelito & Marcelo

17 Feb

Oh happy days! Angel and Marcelo are back this week! The boys trained today and I’m including both English and Spanish videos because they are slightly different. The latter features a mesmerizing examination of Sergio’s mantie lines while he confers with Mou. Sometimes these cameramen destroy me. Favorite moment in both: Marcelo assuming a Superman pose.  Continue reading

The Daily Drool: Luis Garcia

20 Jan

Winger/midfielder Luis has had a long career and played for the following teams: Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, Liverpool (winning the Champions League), Racing Santander and Panathinaikos. Currently, he plays with Mexican side Puebla, who he joined in 2011. He was a member of the Spanish National Team in 2005-2006, making the 2006 World Cup squad and played for Catalonia from 2001-2008.

Draw me something pretty next time, or dont draw at all.

22 Sep

Oooh boys you’re not making it easy for me! To write game posts on a loss & a draw in the same week…’tis tough, ’tis tough. Im also starting to believe that there’s a correlation between Real Madrid’s performance & the sexiness of their published game photos. I mean if I can screen cap the goods then the photogs should be able to capture those moments in hi-def too right? Damn it photogs, stop withholding the goods WE DONT NEED TO BE PUNISHED TWICE! *sigh* not to worry, I’ve found some yummies for ya! Continue reading

The Daily Drool: Xisco

22 Jul

Hellooooooooooooo, Xisco! Your thighs are epic.  Striker Xisco’s real name is Francisco Jiménez Tejada and he came up through Deportivo La Coruña’s youth system. He was sold to Newcastle in 2008 but rarely played. He was loaned to Racing Santander in 2009-2010 and back to Deportivo La Coruña from January 2011 until the end of the season. As of this month, he reported back to Newcastle for training. Hopefully, he’ll get a bit more play this season! He also represented Spain on the U-21 team in 2007-2009.

The Daily Drool: Medhi Lacen

24 Jun

Parisian born (to an Algerian dad and an Italian mum) defensive midfielder Medhi played with Racing Santander from 2008-2011. He has now signed a 4 year contract with Getafe. Lacen has played for the Algerian National Team since 2010.