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This? Repulsive.

31 Jan

BB9G73GCcAAhLRjSome a-hole Real Madrid “fan” was caught on camera making monkey noises at Dani Alves during yesterday’s match. What a douchebag. Three cheers however, for the fan who held up a sign saying “The team doesn’t matter, to racism you say NO” Damn straight you do.

Alves wants (and rightfully so) some sort of action from Spanish footballing authorities. I’d like to see our club speak out about this, find the fan and ban them along with any others responsible. This is bullshit. Please, Real Madrid, stand up to the arseholes. Make us proud by taking a strong stance. It’s long past time for some concrete action.

(Thanks to @pinpanpam for the picture and translation)

– Lozil

Zenit Fan Club Landscrona Pull The Old “I’m Not Racist But…”

17 Dec

FC-Zenith-St.PetersburgSadly, they really, really are. Add to that a hefty dose of homophobia and xenophobia to make a potent cocktail of utter fuckery. Continue reading

Screw You, Mundo Deportivo

11 Oct

Mundo Deportivo put this illustration on their website earlier today, but have since removed it. Luckily someone was smart enough to take a shot of the screen for proof. RMTV has said that the club may take legal action against the publication and well they should.

What the fuck is wrong with these people? Story via MGEF.

– Lozil

Steps In The Right Direction: Combating Racism & Homophobia In The Sport

30 Jul

Although I’m very wary of the promises of FIFA, I was heartened today to read this article about them partnering with Kick It Out to address racism in football.

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A Few Bits & Bobs: Coach Zizou, Video of Yesterday’s Training, Olympic News, Scooby Doo Face And More

30 Jul

It was announced today that Zizou will be working with the academy’s youth teams while he works on his coaching qualification. Continue reading

Updated: Newsy Bits and Bobs

30 Jan

Real had a couple of days off, so I decided to take a page from their book and slack on posting. I know, I suck. Anyhow, here is Mou, some of his coaching staff and two dudes who look suspiciously like bodyguards even if they’re not watching CSKA Moscow (our upcoming Champions League opponents) play a friendly in Spain.

Everyone is feeling the Mesut love late (AS WELL THEY SHOULD!). RM had a piece on the website about him… Continue reading

Screw You, You Bunch Of Disgusting Bastards…

28 Jan

What a shitty couple of days it’s been in the EPL. This fucking charmer of a LFC fan was snapped making monkey arms and noises at today’s Liverpool – Man United match. Classy. The picture has been turned over to the police and people are being asked to help identify him. Then there are reports of 3 Man United fans being arrested for spitting on the Hillsborough Memorial, which is absolutely DISGUSTING.  Both sides also had supporters making really nasty chants. What the ever-loving-fuck, people? Are you all insane?! Oh, but there’s more… Continue reading

Updated: Luis Suarez Gets 8 Match Ban/Fine

20 Dec

The FA has finally ruled on the Suarez-Evra case and it has resulted in an 8 match ban and 40,000 pound fine. Suarez and Liverpool have 14 days to appeal the case, but it’s up in the air right now as to whether the club will take that action.  Full statement from the FA here. Liverpool’s statement here. A piece from the Guardian here.

I applaud the FA for taking the situation seriously – something we haven’t always seen other associations – or  FIFA – do in the past. However, one other thing comes to mind – Patrice Evra admitted in his statement that he also insulted Suarez with derogatory terms. I’m wondering if he will also be charged? What are your thoughts on this situation? Whatever they are, I think we can all agree that racism has no place in the game.

Re: Liverpool’s statement – did they really just take the “hey, he has black friends!” route? Holy crap.

UPDATED: The original link to the LFC statement disappeared so I’ve added a new link and just in case it goes bye bye again, I’ve put the text of the statement under the jump. It’s filled with so much wrong and WTF that it’s unbelieveable. Not sure who on their PR team thought that statement was a good idea. Continue reading

Sepp Blatter, You Enormous Douche!

16 Nov

Noted FIFA dickhead Sepp Blatter is at it again. He’s declared that there is “no racism” in football. Oh really? He also suggested that players settle racist incidents (you know, the ones that don’t happen) with a handshake. To which I only have one thing to say:
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Yossi Benayoun Subjected To Anti-Semitic Abuse In Malaysia

29 Jul

This whole sad, sorry incident took place during Chelsea’s pre-season tour.  Malaysia does not recognize the state of Israel and Yossi is apparently the first Israeli national to have played there. Not the warmest of receptions, to say the least. Complaints were filed, half assed apologies were made. Read on…
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