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Blancos Lend A Hand To Julio Iglesias…

1 Nov

…and hilarity ensues. Mad props to watishista Katie Ann for posting this to Twitter and mygypsyspirit for letting me know because this is pants-wetting hysteria at its best.

Cristiano, Iker, Raul, Figo and other celebs (Pepe Reina, Vicente Del Bosque, Rafa Nadal, Jose Merce, etc.) lip sync a song from Julio’s new album seemingly on Skype with Microsoft Movie Maker graphics. Let’s put it this way, these guys would make really bad drag queens with those lip syncing skillz (well, that’s one reason, also Del Bosque’s mustache). It’s UNBELIEVABLE (and excruciating). And if you thought poor Iker was uncomfortable and awkward in these situations before, well, let’s just say you’re in for a treat. And seriously, how did Sergio not end up in this? Was he too busy to Face Time? I am weeping. This made my Sunday.

– Lozil

Last Week Rewind

12 May


Watishista M asked for us to keep posting the RealMadridLife videos, so here is this week’s edition. There are lots & lotsa goodies in this one, coverage from the Granada match, the Alma Nadal & Corazon Classic previews, and the clinics hosted by the team. Many of our boys are featured speaking English (Rafa Nadal has improved so much!)…oh yeeeeah, enjoy it!