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Thursday Session & More

19 Oct

After a day off, the team began their preparations for Sunday’s match vs. Eibar. Continue reading

Hanging Out In Doha

2 Jan
Dude, I am so sure Xabi LOVED that.

Dude, I am so sure Xabi LOVED that. I can tell by his face.

Greetings from snowy New York where we’re at the start of what is apparently a blizzard. The wind is howling and the snow is swirling. Good times fun! Got up to watch the match this morning and see our bebe Jese score the first goal of 2014 (he also had the last RM goal of 2013)! Start as you mean to go on, Jese! While they were in Qatar, they visited the Aspire Academy for Sports Excellence. Continue reading

Bitsy Bobsy – Part I

9 Sep

e114ac26186c11e39bb822000a1f9abd_7I have not done a bits & bobs round up in over a month. I’ve been stockpiling pictures like crazy. That was the plan this weekend, but it didn’t exactly work out. Anyhow, Chori is indoctrinating his boy Romeo into the sports world! Continue reading

Training, More Tennis, Men’s Health Finds 2 New Cover Boys & More

10 May

Sorry about the earlier double post. That’s what happens when you have two people in different cities working on the same blog. I had an open post that I hadn’t saved so Maisougio couldn’t see mine and I didn’t see her’s until after I hit ‘publish.’ So you got the happy news twice! This is going to be another quickie as a work project just rolled in.

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A Remontada on Crack!

21 Sep

Now, I do love a good comeback, but I really don’t need matches like that one fueling my bipolar tendencies!!! My heart and nails can’t take the roller coaster ride. Wait…does the fluctuations in heart rate count as Cardio? Because, I’m all for that then! Bring on the remontadas and save me a workout. 😉 I think after Sevilla, we desperately needed this win and not even for points’ sake. What kind of confidence would the boys have going into the Rayo game, after two back to back losses in two different championships? The last 20 minutes of those 90 were all fight and that’s the way we like to see Real win! HALA MADRID!!

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Bits & Bobs: Now We’re Cooking With Sass And Extra Added Peen, Apparently.

11 Jul

Sese tweeted a shot of himself cooking and said that he enjoyed his day on his friend’s farm. *I* enjoyed these half naked shots of him on the beach in Ibiza. Continue reading

Rafa Presentation At The Bernabeu

7 May

Hey all! Apologies for being so quiet for the last day or so.  Since I got back from Bonaire, I’ve basically been asleep or doing all sorts of chores (laundry, shopping) before starting back to work today. I did manage to go out to dinner last night and bumped into watishista P and her lovely family.  ::waves::

A huge arse thank  you to my other half, the brilliant Maisougio for kicking such butt on all the daily stuff and the mammoth job of handling the celebration posts. I still have more pictures, but they’re on my netbook that I use for traveling. Gotta get them off there and posted.

Today was the presentation of the big Rafa Nadal July charity match at the Bernabeu and several of the boys were on hand: Xabi, Pirata, Morata, Karanka & Mou. Continue reading

For The Tennis Fans: Nadal & Djokovic To Play At The Santiago Bernabeu

10 Apr


Nadal and Djokovic to play charity match on 14 July at Santiago Bernabeu Stadium
Realmadrid.com / Translation by Michael J. O’Donnell 

Proceeds will go to projects organised by the Realmadrid Foundation and Rafa Nadal Foundation Continue reading

Rafael Nadal Interviews Cristiano (With English Subtitles)

30 Mar

To go along with their Nike Mercurial commercial (in this post), here’s a little “making of” video in which Rafa interviews Cris. There’s English subtitles, which is handy. Enjoy!

– Lozil

Training, Presser, Call Ups, Lotsa Sergio And More

30 Mar

Well, the boys are already on their way to Pamplona (as per a tweet by Kay Murray earlier) for tomorrow’s match against Osasuna. Prior to take off, there was training and a presser by El Jefe. A bumper crop of bits and bobs to follow. Continue reading