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UPDATED: Complete And Utter Douchweed Of The Day: Rafinha (HJK)

5 Jul

Well, no case of not being able to read lips here. Total dickhead Rafinha got up in the face of KuPS player Pexi Oravainen and screamed “Fuck you, homo!” and when Pexi didn’t back down (and why should he?). Rafinha thought it was advisable to reiterate his point by screaming “Homo! Homo! Homo!”  Read the whole shitty, sad story over on 101 Great Goals. I have no clue who thought this was appropriate music to add but it seems a bit too upbeat. I don’t what the lyrics are saying except for, erm, “homo” but if anyone could translate, it might make more sense as to the song choice. Okay, your move FIFA. Put your fucking money where your mouth is.

UPDATE: Feeling as angry as I am? Channel it constructively. Help our friends at Red Card Homophobia with their weekly Twitter spam-a-thon. This week’s target is Anatoliy Tymoschuk of  Bayern Munich. All you need to do is tweet the following:

@timo_44 Could you RT @RChomophobia and help us in the fight against homophobia in football? http://t.co/PbCOgIC #redcardhomophobia

UPDATE 2: In case you didn’t see the comments, awesome watishista! Finnish Girl solved the mystery of the music for us: “The song is from Finnish singer Jukka Takalo and it’s called “Jokainen on vähän homo” (Everyone is little gay) and it talks about how the world isnt’t always black and white and how every flower is different. In the chorus he is singing how everyone is little gay, it doesn’t matter are you straight or gay and evereyone is their heart’s own boss :)”

Now that’s a sentiment that I can get behind! Thanks, Finnish Girl!  It’s good to know that the song is one of tolerance and is as appropriate as Rafinha’s behavior wasn’t.  xo