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The Daily Drool – Bundesliga – Augsburg: Rani Khedira

18 Jan

If midfielder/center back looks familiar, he should! He’s Sami Khedira’s little brother. We featured the younger Khedira a few times when Sami played for us. And now he’s all grown up (25!). He joined Augsburg in 2017. He has represented Germany at the U15, U16, U17 and U19

Saturday Bits & Bobs: Missing Marcelo, Happy Families & PDA

29 Jun

tumblr_mp6gtojqdQ1qftb6ko1_1280I’ve been missing Marcelo a lot lately. It’s going to suck to see our boys divided on the pitch tomorrow but such is the nature of national team duty. Continue reading

A Tad Bitsy, A Little Bobsy

16 Jan

Pepe seseThe boys won’t return to training until Friday so new is a bit light today. Here’s Sese & Pepe watching the game together yesterday. Man, Ramos and his inappropriate touching. I love it. However, he usually has his hand half way up some dude’s thigh. Pepe’s only getting a knee fondle. Continue reading

Sami Khedira In Kicker

1 Jun

Lots of Sami news this week! Looks like he’s going to be well enough to play for Die Mannschaft on Friday which is wonderful. And soccergirl63 over at the International Sami Khedira Fan Page was kind enough to allow us to use her translation of Sami’s interview in Kicker magazine. Thanks so much!

Continue reading