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Carnival Bebés & More Silliness

6 Feb

I noticed a bunch of pictures of ‘ballers’ bebés in costumes today. At first I was like “Is it some sort of international ‘Bebés in Costumes Day’ that I know nothing about?” But then I realized, it’s Carnival! First up is the ever delightful Raul Arbeloa as Luke Skywalker (or as he pronounces it “Lud Ezawater” according to his mami, Carlota). Continue reading

::THUD:: Thanks For That, Raul Arbeloa!

5 May

BmzOwBXIYAAwxLzHoly Mother of God, I cannot believe this shot of his brother Alvaro that Raul Arbeloa took. That is just…excuse me while I pass out again. Watishista mygypsyspirit texted me in a tizzy about it. Can’t blame her. I’ll be staring at it for the rest of the day. Please don’t bother me unless necessary. 😉

Oh yeah, the caption: “Érase una vez un hombre a una barba pegada… #espartano #barbeloa #sololosrecios” He’s teasing Alvaro about his Spartan beard. Yes, Raul. Please tease him and take a shirtless picture of him EVERY DAY. I BEG OF YOU.

– Lozil

Father’s Day in Madrid!

19 Mar


The best father/son duo in Madrid? I think that’s a title Marcelo & Enzo could easily nab. As it was Father’s Day in Spain today, many of our boys took to social media to express some major squee-inducing, heartfelt, papa & kiddo action. Some of the Papas were celebrating Father’s Day for the first time and some were celebrating as soon to be papas, but all of them equally adorable!

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Thursday Bits & Bobs

1 Aug

tumblr_mqug5o9yZs1qbpdiyo1_500Lordy, I have so many bits & bobs, I don’t even have a clue where to start. Ugh. How’s about I just begin with our boys? Here’s Iker (or rather Geeker from the looks of it) with a fan. Our intrepid capi also posted a  shot of his good friend Roy Batty from Blade Runner who was enjoying some LA poolside tanning.  Continue reading

Updated:Pipita’s First Presser

1 Aug

c091197cfac011e2ac4722000a9f393d_7Our bootylicious boy (he’s still our’s in my heart. Sorry, Napoli) gave his first presser for his new team today. Continue reading

The Arbeloa Boys

19 Jul


This pic deserved it’s own post. Too cute!!! Carlota shared this shot of her boys on their last day of vacay in Mallorca. Squishy baby, we can’t wait to see more of you!…oh and you too, Arbie, you too.


Training, Xatty Xabi & Sergio, a Bebe, a Retirement, & more

16 May


We’ve got less than 24 hours to go until the FINAL kicks off! Training done? Check. Interviews & pressers done? Check. Tucked in at the hotel? Check. Freaking out? Check. Hopefully that last one is happening only on our parts, we need cool, calm, & collected boys who are ready to kick some ass tomorrow. I want to see big goals, a big win, and a big celebration! Make it happen boys, we need that trophy!

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