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Happy Birthday Raul!

27 Jun

Celebrando este día especial con la familia. Gracias a todos por vuestras felicitaciones😊🎉🎂

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Lawdy lawdy look who is 40!  Raul (blissful, wonderful Raul) turned the big 4-0 today surrounded by his family (and received lots of social media mentions from current and past teammates). I can’t believe how big the kids are getting! Feliz cumpleaños Raul and many many more!


Ready For The Champions League Final!

2 Jun

Our capi looking totally badass.

Y’all ready for this? I’m never ready for the Champions League final but I’m going to put my nerves aside and cheer my heart out for the boys. Also, mygypsyspirit is back on US soil for a (too) short visit and I consider that a good omen! (Can’t wait to see you, girl!) Continue reading

New Year & Holiday Fun

1 Jan

2017Hope everyone had a lovely New Year’s Eve and have been enjoying the day today. As promised, a bumper crop of what various ‘ballers have been doing on their holidays. There have been engagements, baby announcements, singing in the mirror while dressed in a towel (Cristiano), blue gradient shoes (Sergio), celebrating on a camel (Mateo & Lukita) and a rather ungracious joke about a rival (Toni Kroos, being a bit rude, IMHO).  Let’s dig in! (It’s long so be prepared!) Continue reading

Updated: Happy NYC Marathon Day Raul!

6 Nov

Only two days to go to #TCSNYCMarathon… 🔜🏃🏼 Really excited! 😀

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NYC Madridistas, keep your eyes peeled as our eternal capi runs his first NYC marathon! I’ll be cheering him on here in Brooklyn. The NYC marathon is always such a great day. I love watching and counting how many Madrid jerseys I see on runners (tons!). At least one of our watishistas (DK) has run the marathon and it’s a fantastic accomplishment. The runners really appreciate the encouragement, so if you can, get out there and support them. If you want to track Raul’s progress online (or any other runner), you can do so here.

Update: He finished in 3:26:05!

– Lozil

Surprises, Visitors & Fans

1 Aug

_1RM5986,1Five lucky fans had quite a surprise today. They thought they were winning one of the new kits, but they didn’t realize that they would also be meeting James, Marcelo, Keylor Navas, Lucas and Morata at the Adidas event.  Continue reading

Go Time For Los Blancos!

28 May

Satellite (1)It’s just a few hours to kick off! I’m about to head over to the pub and hang our Real Madrid flags and get our tables ready for the gang to show up. Pre-match in Milan, some of our legends gathered together with the fans. Continue reading

Prepping For El Clasico, A Visit From Raul & A Chat With Casemiro

29 Mar

Satellite (1)As El Clasico fast approaches (it’s always too fast for me!), more internationals returned to training. Continue reading