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The Big Boys And The Babies Get Down To Work

9 May

Iker can’t resist the lure of picking on Mesut. I don’t think I could either. Any excuse to get my hands on him!

Six of the first teamers (Iker, Sergio, Arbeloa, Coentra0, Sami & Mesut) trained today along with Castilla/Real Madrid C Muppet Babies Jesus, Molero, Andy, Alvaro Lopez, Fran Sol and Sobrino. Guess Mou gave everyone else the day off. Sergio, like a good vice-captain welcomed the young’uns. Continue reading

Training for the Big Day!

30 Apr

The boys got down to business this morning, training for Wednesday!!!! I am so excited, but of course we have to focus on winning the match first before we get to celebrating. I’ll let the team do the concentrating though, because I’m too distracted by them trainin’ legs & adorable dorkiness! Continue reading

Enough Cake! Get Back To Work!

26 Jan

Our fine gentlemen got right down to work post-birthday cake.  Well, I’m guessing they probably weren’t allowed to have any cake until after! Muppet Babies Alex Fernandez, Omar, Morata, Josep and Fran Sol joined in the training. Continue reading

While The International Cats Are Away…

10 Nov

…the Madrid mice are playing. There’s plenty of El Pirata action all up in this post as he, Callejon and Lass are hanging with Mou and training with Real Madrid C.  And apparently, they’re in the midst of rehearsing some sort of Solid Gold-style dance routine if the next photo is to be believed.
Continue reading