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Wednesday Training Session & A Visit To The Kids

21 Aug

The team continued their Valladolid prep. Good news: Ferland Mendy finished his recovery program and joined the team for part of the session. Continue reading

The Week So Far…

26 Jul

I make a whole big statement about starting to post again and then promptly get felled by an epic bronchial infection that has had me flat on my ass all week. Typical.  Anyhow, I’m slowly starting to come out of it now so I’m going to try again! There’s the bulk of a week to catch up on so I’ll do a drive by. Continue reading

The Internationals Continue To Return & More

16 Oct

Satellite (12)CR7, Pepe, Benz, The Baby, Toni, Isco and James returned to training today with the rest of the gang, as they prep for Saturday’s match against Levante.  Continue reading

UPDATED: An Early Christmas Present: Sergio Speaking English!

17 Dec

I had posted the Spanish version of this Christmas greeting last week, but the wonderful pinpanpam sent me the English version! Whoooooo! GO SERGIO!

Updated: The video may now be set to private, but luckily Marca grabbed it first! Hooray!

– Lozil

Bits & Bobs: Vacays, Videos, Very Compromising Positions & Much More

10 Jul

I had one of those days again – really hectic and I’ve got a bit of a headache going on. As I work during the day, I take notes, paste URLS, etc. on Notepad of stuff that I want to write about, interesting bits, etc. So today, I had a HUGE file going and my computer threw the Blue Screen of Death and I lost it all. I’m sure there were some major gems in there (or not!) but I’m going to try to add all that I can remember before bedtime. First up, some vacation goodies! Continue reading

El Pirata Is Doin’ It For The Kids

9 Jul

He’s not selling out to the man! He’s keeping it indie real! El Pirata visited the kids at the Real Madrid Foundation campus and gave an inspiring speech. Continue reading

Rafa Presentation At The Bernabeu

7 May

Hey all! Apologies for being so quiet for the last day or so.  Since I got back from Bonaire, I’ve basically been asleep or doing all sorts of chores (laundry, shopping) before starting back to work today. I did manage to go out to dinner last night and bumped into watishista P and her lovely family.  ::waves::

A huge arse thank  you to my other half, the brilliant Maisougio for kicking such butt on all the daily stuff and the mammoth job of handling the celebration posts. I still have more pictures, but they’re on my netbook that I use for traveling. Gotta get them off there and posted.

Today was the presentation of the big Rafa Nadal July charity match at the Bernabeu and several of the boys were on hand: Xabi, Pirata, Morata, Karanka & Mou. Continue reading