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Training Bras, FutVolley, Keepy Uppy & Other Tales From Marrakech

18 Dec
Jese, excuse me, *Jey M* :ahem: shows off his training bra

Jese, excuse me, *Jey M* (ahem) shows off his training bra.

I’ve got a bit to catch up on. Getting home after 10 PM from work last night didn’t lend itself to posting. It did however feature ordering take out and falling asleep while eating said take out. It was one of those days. Continue reading

Bits & Bobs: Training, Bromance Confusion, RMRI’s First Stone, Bottling Real’s Energy, Pitch Drama And Lozil Is EVIL

29 Mar

Hello beautiful German boys! You’re looking quite delicious this morning, if I might say.  Good news today – Calleti was back training as was Angel, who it is rumored may play on Saturday. Go Norma Go! Continue reading

I Still Like Our Version Better…

22 Mar

So here’s RMRI as envisioned by The Powers That Be. Yeah, whatever.  I still like our version better. Continue reading

Well, Then… Moving On

22 Mar

“What the ever lovin’ fuck?!”

We all pretty much felt like this after yesterday’s balagan. But we gotta keep future focused. Continue reading

Send Me An Angel, Fabio Is Smokin’, Real Madrid Resort Island?, Let ‘Em Eat Cake (And Drink Bad Beer)

20 Mar

Argh. It’s been so busy today! The bestest news (aside from the fact that Fabrice Muamba had a comfortable night – hooray!) is that Angelito returned and did a light training today! I can’t wait to have him back on the squad (and hopefully for more than one match).  Continue reading