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Bits & Bobs: True Love, A Picturesque View, The Ox, El Pirata, Supermodel Nando, Help A Madridista Out, David Testo’s Story

29 Sep


Ah, Clarice & Marcelo! Ain’t love grand? I love these two and looking at them being so happy together gives even my hard grumpy heart the warm fuzzies. On to the bits and bobs… Continue reading

The Man Who Doesn’t Actually Exist: A Conversation With A Gay Bundesliga Footballer

13 Sep

Our good pals Jenny_Jenkins & Sashatwen did this great translation of an article that appeared on Tuesday on German website Fluter. Everything in italics after the jump is their translation. Thank you so much ladies, this is important stuff. Continue reading

Steps In The Right Direction: Combating Racism & Homophobia In The Sport

30 Jul

Although I’m very wary of the promises of FIFA, I was heartened today to read this article about them partnering with Kick It Out to address racism in football.

Continue reading

Cassano Fined By UEFA For Homophobic Comments

20 Jul


In a move that surprised and pleased me, the UEFA got their heads out of their arses long enough to fine Antonio Cassano for his homophobic remarks during a Euro 2012 presser. Continue reading

Antonio Cassano Would Like You To Know He’s Not A Homophobe

12 Jun

‘Oh fuck! What have I done?!’

Realizing that he had stepped in it something good, Antonio Cassano released a statement tonight claiming he’s not a homophobe. Continue reading

Welcome To My Shit List, Antonio Cassano

12 Jun

Former Real Madrid (now Milan) striker opened his mouth today in a presser and spewed forth homophobic bullshit. Continue reading

Anti-Homophobia Footy Poster

10 Jun

Considering all the warnings about safety for the LGBT community at Euro 2012, this poster puts the issue squarely in the face of fans. It was created by Maneo, a Berlin-based organization that focuses on violence and discrimination against the gay community. Thanks to Outsports for bringing this to our attention.

– Lozil

The Morning After

25 Mar

The boys got right back to work today (closed training) in preparation for the match in Cyprus vs. APOEL. In good news, it looks like The Silence is going to come to an end! Continue reading

Fighting The Good Fight: You Can Play – The Faceoff

9 Mar

I know this is hockey-related (hey, never hurts to look at Henrik Lundqvist, now does it?) but the message is very important. Continue reading

You Get What You Deserve

11 Jan

Complete and Utter Doucheweed of the Day goes to Oxford City’s Lee Steele for tweeting a homophobic comment about Wales rugby legend Gareth Thomas.

However, this story has a surprising ending considering some of the shit we’ve seen recently. The club stepped up and fired Steele’s ridiculous arse pronto.

Watishista kfunk22 gave me a heads up on this story and I’m grateful.  We’re big fans of Gareth Thomas here for his courage and also his support in the fight against homophobia. Read on for the details…
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