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Match Recap: Real Madrid v Cordoba

28 Jan
Keylor resembles The Walking Dead

Keylor resembles The Walking Dead

Really unsure what happened to Keylor here. He looks like he’s in the process of becoming a zombie. Just one question… Continue reading

F*ckin’ Clasico

25 Mar
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Xabi has got the facial expression right, but Modric & Pepe are holding up way too many fingers…Undiano deserved just one. I really, really, really thought I was going to be writing a victory recap. I didn’t think it just before the match had started, but during it too (up until the 2nd half bullshit started). When Benz had scored his brace in just four freaking minutes, I was like “WE GOT THIS! LOOK AT OUR FIYAH!” But the fucker in yellow put out our fiyah and ruined what had started out as a really exciting and fun match.


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We’ve Got Our Spot in the Quarter Finals!

17 Jan


Another 2-0 score? Our boys must’ve thought it’d be cute to get matchy matchy with their first and second leg matches against Osasuna. Hey, it’s good for us, not so much for them. Another win and another clean sheet put us in the Quarter finals, but not without a little drama…Osasuna wasn’t bringing it so we had to go and provide some ourselves…

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R is for Rayo, Ramos & Red Cards

21 Feb


They’re more than just pretty bums to us, they’re goal scoring bums! These manty lined fellows had such a good start to the Rayo match, but drama always seems to be on our heels, this season. Damn you, drama!! Let our boys play! Now lets get to the post!

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A Bipolar Express of Match Recaps

16 Jan


First things, first….HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HB&HB, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!! And what better way is there to celebrate a birthday, than to dish out a birthday beating…err, birthday WATISH? That’s what it looks like Benz is going for, a nice smack on Xabi’s bootay! If only we could all enjoy the perks of being a Real Madrid player *sigh* Now for the matter at hand, get ready for a double up of match recap action, in my attempt to catch up with the boys’ crazy match schedule, I’ve lumped the last two matches together and what does that leave us with? A bipolar recap of matches. Oh yeahhhh, two for the price of one, but only one of the matches was good news. Wah, wah, wah! Good news is up first.

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