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Cristiano Ronaldo: Gives Island, Gets Haircut, Throws Fit & More

3 Aug

Cristiano has been a very busy man indeed since returning from China.  Continue reading

Some Social Media Distraction

1 Oct

This is a fly-by post, as there’s so much to update that I don’t think I can back track that far. I’m also taking a break from writing a paper on Norse mythology while my roommate plays Destiny. He’s killing aliens and I’m writing about Thor. This really is Avenger Tower… Continue reading

Some Very Quick Bits & Bobs

29 May

I’ve had some real life stuff that I needed to focus on over the past few days, so apologies for the lack of posting. Here’s just a few goodies. First up, the Behind The Scenes video for the Red One/Real Madrid collaboration. Continue reading

First Training Of The Week, Legends, Isco-mercial & Sing That Funky Music, Blanco Boys

5 May
Sigh. Way too many clothes on.

Sigh. Way too many clothes on.

The picture of Arbeloa from earlier today spoiled me. Now I can’t settle for him fully clothed anymore. Well, I can. But I prefer not to. Continue reading

Bits & Bobs: Sergio In Miami, The Double As Get Around And More

21 Jul


Sergio is now in Miami, apparently on a world tour of beaches or something. Lucky fans spotted him in the airport. So keep your eyes peeled for him Floridian watishistas! It’ll be hard to miss that hideous hat. Continue reading