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India’s Referee Trailblazer

31 Jul

uvena-fernandes-refereeUvena Fernandes deserves all the congratulations. She is India’s first female referee to be appointed as an officiate at a FIFA World Cup. Woohoo! She’ll be wielding the whistle and cards at the U-17 Women’s World Cup in Jordan this Fall. Fernandes is also only the second referee from India to participate in any FIFA World Cup, women’s or men’s. Can you say…trailblazer? Continue reading

Stand Up, Take Notice, Do Something

24 Jul

_89732273_jesustomillero“In football, the problem is that people think it’s a ‘macho men’ sport. I think that this sport can be enjoyed by homosexuals, transsexuals, bisexuals, by anyone.” These are the truthful words of Jesús Tomillero, Spain’s first openly gay football referee. Continue reading

The New Rules of Engagement

21 Jul

1737592A joint announcement from the Premier League, EFL and The FA happened Wednesday to introduce new yellow and red card offences for the upcoming season. The reason behind these new rules is to try and curb the increasingly “intolerable behaviours” happening within the game and sullying its good name. I personally think the reason is because officials needed more rules under which to book Diego Costa for, like, existing. Continue reading

Leading the way in Kashmir

12 Jul

srinagar-football-hindustan-kashmir-players-srinagar-andrabi_84b7d5a6-39a8-11e6-a032-be579840a028 (1)Another first! This time it’s Nadiya Nighat, Kashmir’s first woman soccer coach and referee. Added bonus – she’s only 19 years old. I shake my head thinking about what I was doing at that age. It was not anything meaningful, that’s for sure. Continue reading

Goalie Headers and Cartwheels

24 Aug

tumblr_nas1eo6HcU1qd9m5oo1_1280During the Athletic Bilbao vs Malaga game Saturday, Athletic were chasing an equalizer after going down to 9 men (2 red cards in two minutes) so goalkeeper Gorka Iraizoz came forward for an extra-time free-kick. And this awesomeness happened:

Muniain enjoying the view.

Muniain enjoying the view.

What a bullet! Iraizoz and his teammates went nuts in celebration. Until the linesman and referee disallowed the goal. Then they went a different kind of nuts. It all looked good to me, no offside or player interference, but hey I’m no “official” ref. I would have loved Iraizoz to have been awarded the goal though; underrated by many but always a solid player. Just normally between his own goal posts.

 Iraizoz talking with referee Mateo Lahoz after the game. Uncomfortable.

Iraizoz talking with referee Mateo Lahoz after the game. Uncomfortable.

And over in the Sevilla vs Valencia game, a different kind of awesome happened:

LOL – who decides to throw a cartwheel in order to block a shot?! Either midfielder Andre Gomes (21) or defender Nicolás Otamendi (23), that’s who. I can’t tell which one, despite what the video title indicates.

Hope the boys are making notes: goalies scoring headers and players turning cartwheels. The new lines of defense to break down for 2014-15.


Spray Assault

20 Aug

The Premier League adopted that funky vanishing spray for this season, following its successful debut at the World Cup. Training on how to use the spray appears to be lacking however, specifically in regards to checking the nozzle before use. Continue reading

FIFA Being Sued

15 Aug

Carlos-VelascoBut not for what you think. Continue reading