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More Halloween Fun & A Birthday

31 Oct

More Halloween pictures! First up, Remy Cabella looking very scary! Continue reading

It’s Official: Lucas Silva Off On Loan To Marseille

27 Aug

yvwpvx1431550422Woobins, we hardly knew ye! Lucas Silva has been sent on a season long loan to Marseille (where he can hopefully bromance with my boo Remy Cabella who recently signed with them).

Real Madrid C. F. have reached an agreement to loan the player Lucas Silva to Olympique de Marseille until 30 June 2016.

Best of luck, Lucas!

– Lozil

World Cup 2014 – Slowly Step Away From The Beats By Dre

17 Jun

Mygypsyspirit found this little gem. Most of us (well, over 12 million to date) have seen the big splashy Beats by Dre ad featuring Neymar, Chompers (aka Luis Suarez) and Jozy Altidore. Continue reading

The Daily Drool – Epic Bromance Month: Cristiano Ronaldo & Gareth Bale

31 Dec

tumblr_mtdpswKy8p1sj22zao1_1280Had to save this one for last! Crisba is the premier bromance on Real Madrid this year. Gareth is a tad…obsessed to the point where I’m afraid he might go all Single Orange Male on Cristiano. (I imagine this running through Gareth’s head whenever he looks at Cris). But out of this hero worship, we were given the great gift that is Gareth’s Secret Diary. I do love Crisba. It’s entertaining as hell to see Gareth fangirling harder than any of us ever could and he tries his best for his Crissy, so it all works out to our advantage. Stan on, young Bale! (The only person who might fangirl for CR7 harder is Remy Cabella. We should sign him and watch the cat fights begin!) Continue reading

Monday Bits & Bobs: Bebes, Daddies, Vacation Time

17 Jun

4ab2f40ed75d11e2a58e22000aa801d9_7Yesterday was Father’s Day and many of our faves posted tributes. Carlota posted this great shot of little Raul with his binky that says his papa is the best. Continue reading

Whole Lotta Bits & Bobs

20 Feb

600713_550396551657241_1851544586_nYours truly has been totes slacking on the bits and bobs over the past couple of days. If I don’t get them up daily, they start to be overwhelming. So here’s a bit of a clear out. Our adorable capi posted this shot with his dishtowel scarf outside the Bernabeu. However, the big news is that our beloved Iker’s biological clock has obviously hit Code Red.聽 Continue reading

Night Of The Living Selfies, Cast Off, Birthday Cake Issues, Brothers, Underpants Mania & More

5 Feb

485150_10151388844249663_1363281096_nEveryone is all about the selfies lately. Mesut has picked up Karim’s bad habits and it looks like they’re trying to out-selfie each other. At least he hasn’t gone straight up duckface on us…yet. Continue reading

Updated: Mou Doc, More Diego, Call Ups, Bits & Bobs

26 Jan

I’m really hoping that they translate this great Mou birthday video into English (if they do, I’ll replace it here). At the very least, if you don’t speak Spanish or Portuguese, you can enjoy the visuals. UPDATED: English version is now up here. Continue reading

Training Behind Closed Doors, Mou Presser And More

5 Jan

EntrenamientoThe team trained behind closed doors today as they prepare for the match with Real Sociedad. Mou did the presser today and although it’s not in the article after the jump, he confirmed that he will be skipping the Ballon D’Or ceremony due to preparation for the CDR match vs. Celta. He also said that he didn’t know yet whether Iker or Adan would play tomorrow, but whomever started then would not be playing on Wednesday. Fair enough. Continue reading

Training, Foxeloa, Xabi, Iker’s Biological Clock Part II And More

4 Jan

Pre-Sociedad training continued today.聽Real Madrid C’s Llorente and 脕lvaro L贸pez joined the big boys. Also back to regular training: Higuain and Albiol! Whooooo! Keeping fingers and toes crossed that they are ready, if not this weekend, then very soon.聽 Continue reading