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Updated: Mou Doc, More Diego, Call Ups, Bits & Bobs

26 Jan

I’m really hoping that they translate this great Mou birthday video into English (if they do, I’ll replace it here). At the very least, if you don’t speak Spanish or Portuguese, you can enjoy the visuals. UPDATED: English version is now up here. Continue reading

Training Behind Closed Doors, Mou Presser And More

5 Jan

EntrenamientoThe team trained behind closed doors today as they prepare for the match with Real Sociedad. Mou did the presser today and although it’s not in the article after the jump, he confirmed that he will be skipping the Ballon D’Or ceremony due to preparation for the CDR match vs. Celta. He also said that he didn’t know yet whether Iker or Adan would play tomorrow, but whomever started then would not be playing on Wednesday. Fair enough. Continue reading

Training, Foxeloa, Xabi, Iker’s Biological Clock Part II And More

4 Jan

Pre-Sociedad training continued today. Real Madrid C’s Llorente and Álvaro López joined the big boys. Also back to regular training: Higuain and Albiol! Whooooo! Keeping fingers and toes crossed that they are ready, if not this weekend, then very soon.  Continue reading

Wednesday Training, Doctor Visits, Meeting the Press And More

2 Jan
Entrenamiento_Real_Madrid (2)

We highly approve of the new sex beard, Arbeloa!

Arbeloa has decided to join the Sexy Scruff Brigade and we couldn’t be more pleased. Granted, we’re a fan of him clean shaven as well. Not much the man can do to annoy (except avoid Albiol). I see you, Calleti, admiring the scruff! Bromancing is off and running in 2013.

Sorry this has taken so long to get up on the website today – it’s been hella busy at work and this is the first free moment I’ve really had. Continue reading

Play Misty For Me*

31 Dec

Entrenamiento (2)Sorry, couldn’t resist with all this fog. *Here’s your soundtrack for this post. I just want to note that the obsessed footy fans here have NOTHING in common with psycho Evelyn Draper in Play Misty For Me. Honest. For reals. I swear. (If you haven’t seen the movie,  it’s well worth a rental. It’s the proto-Fatal Attraction, young Clint Eastwood is pretty damn hot and seeing the future  Lucille Bluth go absolutely apeshit is priceless.). Anyway, back to our misty boys. Continue reading

Christmas Keeps Coming And Other Bits & Bobs

30 Dec

The Christmas videos keep coming and additional pictures. Guess they wanted to prolong the holiday season? Oh well, I’ll take it no matter how late Continue reading

Bits & Bobs: Holiday Fun Time, Happy Anniversary, Hanging Out In London

28 Dec

92139564503611e28e5d22000a1f979a_7So many little holiday bits and bobs to share (with undoubtedly more to come). Here’s The Cutest One opening one of his Christmas prezzies. There can never be enough Enzo, can there? Continue reading