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Someone’s Got A Big Mouth

28 Jun

Our game of “Where in the World is Sergio Ramos?” was brought to a crashing halt by the indiscretion of one Taio Cruz. Some crafty folks on Tumblr had already figured out that Sese was Stockholm from some of the buildings in the background of the boat shot (Maisougio found all the info) and Taio confirmed it. Speculation started anew when he said they were “making hits” leading someone to ask outright about Sergio’s participation.

Well, then. There goes our cherished dream of The Ramos’ debut album. What would he sing about? His clothing choices? Nando’s booty? Hey, I’d buy an album that contained nothing but Ramos-penned tributes to Nando’s ba-donk-a-donk, wouldn’t you?  Heck, I’d shell out for a double album if he threw in a few ballads about his pout and his thighs.  Might I also suggest a cover of Rachel from Glee’s “My Headband?” It would be most appropriate, no?

The other news is that hunky Ramos brother Rene is also on Twitter and seems to be rather chatty – a quality that I can definitely appreciate.

Erm, I guess someone’s going to have to break it to the Brothers Ramos that Taio ruined their contest. I guess they’ll have to figure something else out now. My only problem with them being in Stockholm is that there will be about 100% less pictures of Sese half naked tanning on a yacht. Fingers crossed he’ll get in a few more beach days before he goes back to Madrid.