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When Two Footballers Love Each Other Very Much….

14 Aug

The interwebz have been LOLing like crazy over Liverpool’s new signing Alberto Moreno who clearly must be Gerlonso’s love child. If he gets both his daddies’ playing skills, the Reds will be very happy indeed. Continue reading

Sami’s Back To Practice, More Albiol, Manlove! Music! Dancing! Traveling! Riding!

6 Apr

Hooray! Good to see Sami back to practice today. I hope he’s feeling 100% better and will be game fit soon. Muppet Babies Alex, Morata, JesĂ©, Nacho, Carvajal, Mandi and JesĂşs joined in on the training today as well. Continue reading

UPDATED: Wa-tish! Corner: A Little Late Afternoon Pick Me Up

1 Mar

Today has been flat out nuts with back to back meetings. I needed a bit of a pick me up, and I figured you might too,  so here’s a little Ramos booty for y’all.

And remember how Mesut’s shorts were near falling off the other day? Well, I guess we’ve now answered the “how low can they go?” question… Continue reading

Training Continues, Bad Angles, Austrian Man Love And 85 Gives It A Go

24 Mar

Mesut and Sami do a little training jog

Training continues for the national teams and Spain will take the field against the Czech Republic tomorrow. Finally, a game!  France has continued their laugh-a-thon, apparently…

Continue reading