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The Strike Is Off And The Season Will Continue

14 May

la_liga_logoWhile we’re licking our wounds over yesterday’s defeat, at least that won’t be the last we see of our boys for the season.  Spain’s High Court ruled that the players’ strike was unlawful and in turn, the RFEF reversed the decision to suspend the season. So one huge ass power struggle down. Thanks for the stress, RFEF.

– Lozil

The Power Struggle Continues…

8 May

no-soccerJust wanted to share an excellent article by Andy West who covers Spanish football for the BBC. He does a fantastic job of breaking down a very complicated  scenario and how it got to this point. He also goes into the impact on the lower tier clubs and players, many of whom have unpaid wages. He mentioned the very real possibility of FIFA involvment (::shudder::) and the impact on Spain overall. It’s a great read and Esteban Granero (among others) is quoted.

– Lozil

AFE Confirms Strike

7 May

AFE Striker PresserA number of La Liga first team captains including Iker & Sergio were on hand at the AFE’s presser today to confirm the strike. Continue reading

LFP Official Statement

7 May

la_liga_logoThe battle rages on. Real Madrid posted the LFP’s statement in English on their site. Continue reading

More On The RFEF Season Suspending Drama

7 May

Logo Football Spain - FCFThe drama continues as the Spanish government and the RFEF battle it out over TV rights and some new entities have entered the fray: the AFE (players union) and LFP (La Liga). Continue reading

Preppin’ For Valencia

6 May

Satellite (4)The team began prepping for what may be our last league game of the season today. More bad news after that shitefest yesterday. Bah humbug. Continue reading

Updated: The End Of The Season Is Coming Sooner Than We Thought

6 May

la_liga_logoWatishista mygypsyspirit just texted me this news: All Spanish domestic football games will be suspended as of May 16 due to a dispute with the government. Continue reading

Skydiving, Butt Cheek, and the Smiley Crew

18 Oct

Iker Casillas Attends the Opening of Sports BarI’ve got a bunch of random goodies for you, but let’s get the ugly out of the way first. Earlier this week, news broke that the Spanish Football Federation notified Real Madrid of a possible three-month ban for Castilla “official” head coach Santiago Sánchez Martín and “unofficial” head coach Zidane.

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Cholo Banned For 8 Matches

25 Aug

Diego Simeone Atlético MadridAtletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone has been banned for eight matches by the RFEF after being sent off during the second leg of the Super Copa. Continue reading

Updated: Here We Go Again…Damn It

23 Aug

Real Madrid has released an official statement  expressing surprise that the RFEF has opened an investigation into the Supercopa clusterfuck.  Marcelo, Ozil & Villa get a one match ban (um, what about Valdes & Pinto) and they’re looking into the Mou/Vilanova incident.  Just…ugh. So let me guess, this bullshit will drag on right up until mid-December when we play Barca again, right? That deserted island without wifi is looking better all the time.  Updated: Statement in English after the jump…
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