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The End….for now

4 Jun


I’ve changed my mind. I take it back. I don’t want this season to be over & done, I’m just not ready. I thought I had made my peace with the fact that Mou would no longer be with us next season, along with a number of our players, but…..come the final match, all my acceptance went right out the window. Seeing Mou in the tunnel, seeing the boys chat in the tunnel, waiting for the beginning of the end, it just did me in and then Pipa goes and drops a bomb the size of his ass, saying he wants to leave?? My life officially became a Cymbalta commercial. No joke. My iTunes library certainly wasn’t helping the matter either, putting together the saddest shuffles known to man. Talk about Ode to Depression. I know at this point, there’s nothing we can do but try and figure out how to deal….it’s not going to be easy, but hopefully launching into NT mode will help. And cake. And lots of ice cream. And lots of sobbing into your ice cream. WAHHHH!

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The Last Away Match of The Season

29 May

Real Sociedad de Futbol v Real Madrid CF - La Liga

Bum, bum, bum, it’s all about the bum and when that bum scores, it’s even better. Yep, it was Pipa that led the scoring against Sociedad, way to go! In the end, we didn’t get the win, but we did see a lot of goals. The home team equaled us, 3 for 3, with a late winner from Xabi Prieto (damn him!) and we ended our last away match of the season with a draw.

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It’s Official: Carvalho To Monaco

28 May

resizedimage600335-R.carvalhoSign001Congrats to our 35 year old abuelo who signed a one year contract with a one year option at Monaco. Best of luck to you, Ricardo and thanks for all your hard work over the last three seasons!

– Lozil

Happy Birthday Ricardo Carvalho!

18 May

34759_ori_ricardo_carvalhoOur team’s “abuelo” turns 35 today. Feliz cumpleanos, Ricardo! We haven’t seen all that much of you this year but we always wish you the best.

Training, Xatty Xabi & Sergio, a Bebe, a Retirement, & more

16 May


We’ve got less than 24 hours to go until the FINAL kicks off! Training done? Check. Interviews & pressers done? Check. Tucked in at the hotel? Check. Freaking out? Check. Hopefully that last one is happening only on our parts, we need cool, calm, & collected boys who are ready to kick some ass tomorrow. I want to see big goals, a big win, and a big celebration! Make it happen boys, we need that trophy!

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Training, Chatting, Getting that Iker FaceTime, y MUCHO MAS

15 May


Look at those defined calves!! Just kidding, you know I’m only looking at Pipa’s ass, but I must say…that thing is de-FOINE also 😉 Today the boys trained for the second to last time before Copa del Rey Friday (it’s like casual Friday, but not). The team is getting ready! Are you guys ready?? All I know is that all Madridistas deserve to see drunk Xabi this season. We’ve earned it with all the ups & lots of downs. I want the bus. I want the people. I want the confetti. I want Sergio to do something stupid. I want the drunk Xabi. I want it all. I want it allllllllll and I want it nowwwww!

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The Boys Get Out The Paddles & Mou Interview

19 Mar

Entrevista_Bwin3Sami, Essien, Lady Edith & Carvalho took part in a ping pong event sponsored by Bwin (obvs before some of them took off for international duty). Continue reading

Updated: Happy Boys

27 Feb

0cbb52b6809311e2bc2222000a1f98f9_7Just a wee drive by tonight, I’m feeling a bit crappy and need to get to sleep early.  They boys posted some celebratory pictures. Arbeloa put this one up on Instagram with the caption “CRISTIANATOR!” Very appropriate! Continue reading

Thursday Training/The Boys Hit The Shop

21 Feb

Entrenamiento (10)Looks like a bit of snow in Madrid, eh? Marcelo, of course, keeps the smile going through it all… Continue reading

Getting a Jumpstart on Wednesday’s Booty Kicking

10 Feb


We’ve got a lot to be happy about, this fine Sunday, we’re heading into preparations for Man U fresh off of a big win (Woot Woot!) and Iker is back to training! Look at that Saintly smile! Granted, he won’t be ready for Wednesday’s match, but it’s lovely to see him out and training again. It was even lovelier of him to return to us in shorts!

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