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Catching Up Pre-Derby

17 Nov

_7am7869thumbWell. much like most of our internationals, I’m baaaaack! I survived my work conference with little to no health issues. I really wish I could say the same for our team! Continue reading

Ready For Celta

26 Aug

_3AM9366Thumb,0The team had their final session before meeting Celta tomorrow. Continue reading

Go Time For Los Blancos!

28 May

Satellite (1)It’s just a few hours to kick off! I’m about to head over to the pub and hang our Real Madrid flags and get our tables ready for the gang to show up. Pre-match in Milan, some of our legends gathered together with the fans. Continue reading

Wednesday Training & More Interviews

25 May

Satellite (5)Preparations continue – the time until the final seems to be dragging and speeding up if that’s even possible. Continue reading

The Daily Drool – Epic Bromance Month Old Skool: Roberto Carlos & Ronaldo (Original Recipe)

25 Dec

120205_6_6Two of the greatest, both for us and Brazil and they completely adore each other. Continue reading

UPDATED: Sometimes, Swear Words Are The Only Option

28 Apr

largeSo much to say but quite frankly, some things about this whole episode leave me speechless or more accurately, unable to express myself with anything other than a steady stream of swear words. Continue reading

Updated: Training Day & The Team Gets Some Visitors

29 Jan

Real life continues to be an impediment to chronicling the exploits of our team. Apologies for taking so long to get posts up today.

We’re preparing for the first Clasico of 2013; one of three that will take place between now and March 3. Ugh. If anything, this whole Sara kerfuffle had the effect of making me completely forget the Clasico was approaching. Gracias, Sara (at least in that context). I was glad to see that Una shared very similar sentiments on the situation when I got up this morning.  Whatever gets thrown at us, remember: this too shall pass. Drama comes and goes, Real Madrid keeps chugging along. Continue reading