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Pepsi #FutbolNow Q & A

17 Jan

– Lozil

Sergio & Pepsi “Live For Now”

16 Jan

pepsigroup0Sergio Ramos, Leo Messi, Kun Aguero, David Luiz, Jack Wilshere and Robin van Persie are the main faces of Pepsi’s 2014 ‘Live For Now’ campaign.  Continue reading

The Daily Drool – Drool Amnesty: Robin Van Persie

18 Apr

robin-van-persieWatishista Nooria says “As someone who would NEVER support Arsenal or Man. United, (Chelsea fan here) it pains me to say this…..but I’d totally shag RVP till i go numb. He’s such a turn on…idk why, but i love it!” Robin was previously a Drool twice: solo and for his bromance with Cesc Fabregas.

Bits & Bobs On A Monday Night

3 Sep

Mesut posted a picture of him and Sami heading off to Hannover for international duty. They must be excited to get the hell out of Madrid with Sadgate going on. So a few of you are asking what I think about all this and as I said before, it’s all put me in an extremely foul mood. Continue reading

Bits & Bobs: Presser, Squad List, Concentracion, Some Things Never Change And We Finally Get A Look At Omer Sahin!

18 Aug

The boys had their last training today before kicking off the La Liga season tomorrow against Valencia. The mothership gifted us with this pump up video.  Mesut actually says something besides “Soy muy feliz!” Continue reading

Bits & Bobs: Gone Fishing, Jet Skiing, Shopping, Canoodling And Much More!

12 Jul

Cris posted this shot of him fishing earlier today. He looks relaxed and happy. The ‘ballers have been an active bunch lately.  If I had a season and post-season like they had, I’d probably be curled up and asleep until I had to report back. Continue reading

So Long Netherlands

19 Jun

Trying to watch both the Germany/Denmark and Portugal/Netherlands game was next to impossible on Sunday.  Though the pub had both games on multiple screens, our view of Portugal/Netherlands was blocked by a tall couple who couldn’t stop making schmoopy faces at each other and kissing. They weren’t even watching either match! Argh! Sadly, they did not listen to the rather loud suggestions of watishista P and I, who helpfully reminded them that they might enjoy doing that at home, or you know, anywhere that wasn’t between us and the TV set. Suffice to say, it was annoying. The shouts of nearby Portugal fans and the groans of Dutch supporters pretty much told us all we needed to know. Continue reading

Germany Takes Down The Dutch

13 Jun

Germany scorched Netherlands in the first half, leading by 2. The score ended up 2-1 with Mario Gomez scoring a brace and Robin van Persie nabbing one for the Dutch. I really was surprised by this match. Continue reading


7 Jun

OMG remember the Adidas ads from yesterday? You’ll get a serious laugh out of this one. Do I even need to mention how freaking fabulous Xabi is with his pronunciation & that side eye? Ooh-we! I seriously can’t get past Iker’s “tum-bel” and then to have it immediately followed by Di Maria’s “tum-blir?” it’s just killing me. I’m gonna go watch it 30 more times now!


Our Boys Make Awesome Commercials

6 Jun

Check out this beauty of an ad featuring the German NT for Mercedes. Ozi looks amaaaze, as does the rest of the team, the only thing missing is….Sami 😦 And I’m really digging the footy/dub-step combo! BEEEEEEEEWW DDEEWWWWW  duhduhduhduh WAA-AA-A-A-AAHHHH…sorry, had to. Continue reading