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Bits & Bobs: Marcelo, Italy, RVP, Karim, Calleti & Zlatan

5 Jun

Marcelo once again brightened our day by posting this picture with Pato on his Webstagram page. I hope that he keeps this up every day! Can’t wait to see “Marcelo in NY” pictures.  Continue reading

UPDATED: National Teams Training Round Up

21 May

The national teams are training again and all is well in the world. Updates on some of our faves within. First though, in happy news, Juanin and Nando are joining La Roja for the upcoming friendlies! (UPDATED: I added some new photos) Continue reading

Mazel Tov: Robin van Persie Wins PFA Player of the Year

23 Apr

Arsenal captain and all around hot stuff Robin van Yummy took home the Professional Footballers’ Association Player of the Year award last night. Continue reading

Who Doesn’t Like A Good Woobins or Two?

27 Mar

I found lots of pictures of woobinses today. One of our faves, Harper Seven Beckham, was out looking as fabulous and cheek-a-licious as ever with her hot papa, big brothers and sleek maman. Continue reading

Go Blancos Go! But First, Stretch A Bit

27 Mar

Our fine gentlemen left their hotel and headed off for pre-match stretchies before the game with APOEL this afternoon. Continue reading

Budding Artist Alert: Shaqueel van Persie

1 Feb

Shaqueel van Persie, son of Robin and Bouchra, made us all die with cuteness when he made this picture for his daddy. His proud mama posted it on Twitter and his daddy retweeted it and said how much he loved it. Could this family be any cuter?

– Lozil

The Daily Drool: Epic Bromance Month – Cesc Fabregas/Robin Van Persie

17 Oct

Sigh. Another sadly defunct bromance. Well, I’m sure they’re still buddies, but their era together on Arsenal has ended.  Hella cute while it lasted, wasn’t it? Watishista notoriousjk requested this one.
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Vacation Extravaganza!

24 Jun

Well folks, there is a ton of vacation goodies out there, but I have to head off early tomorrow morning to be maid of honor in one of my best friend’s wedding. So even though it’s after midnight, I still have a ton to do. I’m going to share some pictures and include links to where you can see many, many more. Happy viewing! Here’s some Sergio action for starters.

Here’s Sergio yachting it up in…wait for it…IBIZA (at least according to the person who posted the video) so, yeah, vindication (although I’m sure some person will just come out of the woodwork  and shit on my parade if I say it’s the gospel truth. So before the ranting starts, read the part in italics above and save your breath. I didn’t say it. They did. So feel free to go over there and annoy them, k?)  To be honest, Sergio’s just hanging around on a boat. But if you go to 1:30, he starts stretching with his booty in the air. For a good minute. Those gray trunk look special when does that. So, yes, skip to that part.
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The Daily Drool: Robin van Persie

14 Jun

I know I’ve been promising RvP for ages. I love his sweet smile. The Arsenal striker (since 2004) has also been a member of the Dutch senior National Team since 2005 after playing for the U19 and U21 squads. Here’s another delectable angle of this hot little Gunner that’s too good not to share!

UPDATED: Gettin’ Excited For Foxboro!

3 Jun

“Yo, Shiggers! I want your fine arse in Boston ASAP!”

Iker’s got Facebook fever again and I love him for it. He posted a ton of pictures from his Campus de fútbol Iker Casillas in Mostoles and here are just a couple…
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