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Upcoming Match for Peace

28 Aug

Back in early August Lozil brought you news of the Pope organizing the Interreligious Match for Peace or Partita Per La Pace. The match is scheduled to be played on September 1 at Stadio Olympico in Rome at 8:45pm local time (10:45am EST). Continue reading

Updated: Cristiano Skills Flip Book Animation

14 Jun

Thanks to watishista futbol fan for finding this. The ridiculously talented etoilec1 has done it again! We had posted his/her beautiful Ronaldinho animation a couple of months ago. I’m so delighted to see a Cristiano one now! So much work went into this – fantastic.

Updated: Cristiano gave etoilec1 a shout out on Twitter. So cool!

– Lozil

The Daily Drool – Drool Amnesty: Ronaldinho

4 Apr

n_cordoba_cf_ronaldinho_2005-63819Watishista MaDK had this to say about her Drool Amnesty suggestion: “Ladies, I must confess (Please, forgive me) Ronaldinho! Especially during his prime (2004/5-2006) – before the self-pleasuring on camera and hit-and-run. Despite his looks/teeth (even though I’ve seen worse) he has a nice smile, he is so charming, has a bubbly personality, his samba-dancing (love it) and he had/has? a nice sixpack. Not to forget his abilities on the pitch – never forget the (in-)famous El Clásico where he passed Ramos three times – IMHO much, much, much better than Messi – only looking at Barca, of course (Cris is still my no. 1 world player!). Such a waste of pure and natural talent….. ONE of the reasons I fell in love with football and understood why it is called ‘the beautiful game”