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Catching Up With RM Training, Sadgate Updates And More

5 Sep

Sorry I’ve taken so long to post today. I quite frankly needed a serious break from footy related nonsense last night and today has been fairly horrendous at work. Anyhow, two days of training to catch up on back in Madrid. Continue reading

La Roja Back In Action

4 Sep

La Roja is back in business, arriving today at Las Rozas. The only one who commented on Sadgate (that I’ve seen thus far) was Arbeloa. Continue reading

Cris Makes A Statement

4 Sep

Cris took to Twitter an hour ago to speak on Sadgate and clarify some shiz. Here it is verbatim so people can’t whine and misinterpret then blame Iker for washing Cris’s white jerseys with his red socks and demand his resignation or whatever: Continue reading

Bits & Bobs On A Monday Night

3 Sep

Mesut posted a picture of him and Sami heading off to Hannover for international duty. They must be excited to get the hell out of Madrid with Sadgate going on. So a few of you are asking what I think about all this and as I said before, it’s all put me in an extremely foul mood. Continue reading