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World Cup 2014 – Group C: Match Previews

13 Jun

Well, day 2 of the World Cup was rather exciting, no? Hopefully, day 3 will bring more of the same. Continue reading

Bits & Bobs: Jailbait! Gets Some Fan Love & Does The Impossible And More

21 May

Our darlin’ Jailbait! got some love from the fans during his recovery and did something I didn’t think was possible for him: he grew facial hair! It’s a bit patchy, bless, but there nonetheless. Here’s hoping that he gets lots of rest and will be back next season stronger than ever. Continue reading

Lotsa Bits and Bobs…

13 Jun

Lots of little bits and bobs to share today. The Real Madrid photographers worked their “magic” again. It looks like they’re interviewing Crispy in some sort of subterranean cave. But it gets worse, oh yes, it does…
Continue reading