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Cristiano Tells Media To Back Off, Gets Animated

5 Jun

crisIn a rather unprecedented move, Cris made a video thanking fans for their support and chastising the media for talking trash about him and spreading rumors about him having new girlfriends. He usually lets this stuff roll off his back, which is why the video is rather surprising. Continue reading

Bits & Bobs: Schmoopfest, Vegas, Miami, Thailand, Poznan & PMS

9 Jul

Guti and Romina are apparently not in the same city right now, which cues endless schmoopy messages of love back and forth on Twitter. Gutes posted this piccy. They’re calling each other ‘mommy’ and ‘daddy,’ people. I may not survive this pregnancy.  Continue reading

International Duty: France NT Training Pix

31 May

Here’s Karim looking mighty fine training yesterday for their match vs. Belarus on Friday. I’m rather concerned about whatever the hell that is on his chin. Let’s take a closer look shall we?

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The Daily Drool: Samir Nasri

19 Apr

I think this piccy of Samir is hella adorbs! This one is for wa-tishistas! Notoriousjk and GinaM. Samir is an attacking midfielder for Arsenal in the EPL and also the French National Team.


Euro 2012 Qualifier: France vs. Luxembourg

26 Mar

Karim, looking grumpy and hot.

By all accounts, not a good or exciting game. The team is restructuring a bit with new coach Laurent Blanc and the return of Patrice Evra and Franck Ribery. It’s going to take a bit of time for everything to settle down after this summer’s national team horrorshow at the World Cup.

Pre-game, the team wore t-shirts in honor of their recuperating teammate Eric Abidal, which was a lovely gesture.

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Spain Throws A Wet Jersey Contest And Karim Has A Giggle Fit

23 Mar

Nando and Iker battle it out.

Poor La Roja. They practiced  in the heavy rain today, which can’t be good for their health. (I would be happy to go to Spain to nurse any and all of them, if need be).

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National Team Goodies, Granero, Mou, PIPITA!

23 Mar

Lots of little bits and bobs today as international duty continues… Since Spain took first billing today, here’s a nice picture of Karim’s butt and profile.

Karim, Samir Nasri and Hugo Lloris arrive for training.

They look very effortlessly casual and …French, don’t they? And by that, I mean fashionable and hot (even just their backs).

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