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Happy Birthday San Baby!

3 Jan

Iker’s sunshine turns one year old today. His proud papi posted this sweet picture.

Merry Christmas from San Baby!

25 Dec

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Feliz, una Navidad muy FELIZ!! #sunshine 🎄

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Iker posted this adorable picture of Martin. Merry Christmas!

Aw look! He’s wearing black tights just like his papi! He’s gonna grow up and be a second generation Never Nude. 🙂

– Lozil

Well, At Least One Person Is Happy He’s Home Early & Iker In GQ España

1 Jul

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#veranoazul đź’™

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Even though it was heartbreaking for Spain to go in the group stage, I’m sure that Martin was happy to see his papi and vice versa. As far as I know, San Baby did not go to Brazil and if he did, they kept him very well hidden. (I have to admit, I can’t imagine Iker leaving him behind). But we know how much Iker dotes on his boy, so I’m sure we’ll see many more pictures of Martin this summer. What a beautiful child he is! Continue reading

Two Weddings & A Baby

3 Jun

10375834_642491729170346_216058751_nLove was in the air this weekend when Nacho married his girlfriend Maria Cortes. Many of our players (present and past) were on hand for the ceremony with their ladies. Illara, Morata, Isco, Dani Carvajal, Jesus Fernandez, Arbeloa, Joselu & brother of the groom Alex. Continue reading

Updated: San Baby Greets Us! (And More)

4 May

It’s Mother’s Day in Spain and Martin Casillas Carbonero has made a finally made full face appearance to say hi to his mami. The photo was captioned “Hi Mommy! Congratulations! Thanks for being the most wonderful mother in the world and giving me life! I love you so much! Signed: Martin # felizdiadelamadre” I love how goofy and sappy Iker is. It’s very sweet. Martin very much favors his mother, don’t you think? (Sara as a baby: 1  2  3) Some of our other faves sent out greetings to the mamis as well. Continue reading

Friday Training, A Bit O’ Jese & San Woobins

2 May

10299850_734938526529666_1064431761_nApologies, just a warning, but I may not be around much over the next few days. I’m having some health issues and I’m in no small amount of pain so I’m probably (hoping) that I can spend the bulk of the weekend resting and hopped up on pain meds. Fingers crossed! Anyhow, my aches and pains aside, let’s get to it. Continue reading

San Iker & San Baby Make Our Morning

17 Apr

10171868_768412903188937_5511748069925597691_nProud papi Iker posted this photo of Martin this morning with the caption “His first title. #sunshine” and Madridistas everywhere swooned. Look at Martin’s chubbles wubbles cheeks! He totally has his mami’s lips. I’ve noticed that in every picture. Anyhow, time to get my slightly hungover self to work. HALA MADRID! COPA DEL BEBE!

San Papi, San Baby, San Bisabuela

16 Jan

cd0fda807f0911e395d30ec7201e8182_8I’m still at work and haven’t had time to update today but I had to post this picture because it made me melt. Iker said “4 generations of the Casillas” (Um, you’re missing a generation unless someone is just out of frame, but I get what you mean, boo). Martin’s wee footsie! So cute! And Iker’s grin at his grandma!  Just beautiful. However, Iker, HOLD THAT CHILD’S HEAD! You’re freaking me out!

– Lozil

Quick San Baby Moments

15 Jan

b50ceea87ac411e3a5aa12e4e734b473_8Work and life has been keeping me from posting all but the most basic stuff so our San Baby coverage has been sorely lacking. Iker posted this shot of Martin a few days ago. Looks like he got Sara’s full lips, what do you think?  A closer look at San Woobins being held by his mami after the jump. Continue reading

Martin Casillas Carbonero: Membership Has Its Privleges

9 Jan

BdiORrqIYAAq5UiIker raced right out and made sure his little man is a registered Madridista. In the process, we got another tantalizing glimpse of his tiny face.  I hope Iker makes daily updates.  I have a feeling he will. I’m sure he’s already cornered his teammates and shown them 8,000 photos of Martin on his Iphone. “Just one more! He’s so cute when he sleeps!

– Lozil