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7 Jun

OMG remember the Adidas ads from yesterday? You’ll get a serious laugh out of this one. Do I even need to mention how freaking fabulous Xabi is with his pronunciation & that side eye? Ooh-we! I seriously can’t get past Iker’s “tum-bel” and then to have it immediately followed by Di Maria’s “tum-blir?” it’s just killing me. I’m gonna go watch it 30 more times now!


Our Boys Make Awesome Commercials

6 Jun

Check out this beauty of an ad featuring the German NT for Mercedes. Ozi looks amaaaze, as does the rest of the team, the only thing missing is….Sami ūüė¶ And I’m really digging the footy/dub-step combo! BEEEEEEEEWW DDEEWWWWW¬† duhduhduhduh WAA-AA-A-A-AAHHHH…sorry, had to. Continue reading