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May The Face Be With You

6 Aug

Poor Sami, he really knows what it means to take one for the team. Wins sometimes come at a price & unfortunately, Sami’s face was payin’ up last night. He looked to be alright after the hit…I speak from experience when I say it probably hurt his pride more than anything! It’s ok, he’s got an awesome goal story to tell that just happens to come along with hilarious footage, thanks YouTube. Can we all just thank the Lawd that the goal didn’t mess up his pretty? Thank you footy gods! Continue reading

Arrival At Sam Boyd Stadium & Starting Line Up

5 Aug

Here’s some pictures of our fine gentlemen arriving at the stadium for tonight’s match against Santos Laguna which kicks off in about 10 minutes. Watishista dreamsequence is there and tells us that it is a balmy 102 degrees. Just like last year in Philly. Oy. Stay hydrated, kids! Continue reading

Final Training Before Santos Laguna

5 Aug

Real Madrid faces Santos Laguna tonight at 11 PM Eastern (ugh, I’m gonna be so tired tomorrow). The boys had their last training before the match. Hopefully, we’ll get some travel pictures later. Continue reading

Pre-Season 2012 Summer Tour

19 Jul

The Real Madrid website did a great rundown of all the pre-season 2012 matches along with info on each team/stadium – here you go! Continue reading

Update On RM’s Vegas Match

21 Jun

According to this report, Real Madrid will be taking on Santos Laguna. Thus far, there’s no ticket price changes or anything else. World Football Challenge STILL doesn’t have anything up on their website about Juve’s cancellation or any change in opponents. WTF? However, UNLV Stadium is showing some info on the website. Seriously, WFC, get your shit together. We shouldn’t be finding this stuff out from the clubs, we should be hearing it from you. But then again, these are the same people who won’t unbundle the tickets for Chelsea/PSG and Madrid vs. Milan, so there you go. Arseholes. (That’s not to say Juve aren’t being dicks by canceling so they can rest up for the Supercoppa in China either).

– Lozil