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A Pick Me Up; Bordeaux Style

19 Feb

After yesterday’s disgusting display by a group of Chelsea fans in Paris, I thought we could all use a bit of niceties.

Despite their manager, Willy Sagnol, making terribly racist comments about African players back in November their fans showed some class. In their match Sunday against Saint-Etienne the Bordeaux fans released a cloud of colorful dust into the air in addition to having a banner that read “all colors are beautiful.” You can read more about it here.

Messy? Yes. Beautiful? Yes. Classy? Absolutely.


UPDATED: Complete & Utter Douchweeds Of The Day: Racist Chelsea Fans In Paris

17 Feb

This is just disgusting. Some Chelsea “fans” decided to keep a black man from boarding the Metro. Then they started (clearly) singing “We’re racist, we’re racist and that’s the way we like it.” Continue reading

Club Receives Ban For Racism

5 Sep

19fc21ef730fa8ce30041f87b3b91bf06e8faeb0Brazil’s Superior Court of Sporting justice disciplinary committee has banned football club Grêmio from playing in the second leg of their Copa do Brasil tie vs Santos. The club must also pay a $22,300 fine. Why? During the second half of the first match last week, Grêmio fans started shouting abuse and making racist gestures towards Santos keeper Aranha. Continue reading

Thursday Training & Racist Arsehole Fans Strike Again

6 Feb

370-898-_VCM8765Thumb,22Sorry I’ve been out of the loop for the entire day. Work stuff and then medical tests. Also, I seriously was too pissed off to post anything earlier. Continue reading

Racism in Soccer: A Discussion with Lilian Thuram at NYU on November 8th

15 Oct

lilian thuramRetired defender Lilian Thuram will be speaking on racism in soccer at New York University on Friday, November 8th.

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Day Two of La Roja Action

9 Oct


Who likes a big ol’ training badonk? I do! We all do! Poor Valdes is focusing on the wrong bit of roundness, tsk tsk. The boys got right back into it today, working those fine bootays out!

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