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Oh FFS! What The Hell Were You Thinking Pepe Reina? Or Were You?

29 Feb

Considering all the brouhaha going on in Liverpool right now surrounding race issues, you would think that players would be treading carefully so as not to cause any more offense. Think again.  Spanish insurance company Groupama created (and subsequently pulled under pressure) this ad featuring Pepe Reina. I’ll let Operation Black Vote tell you why they are pissed off, though it should be fairly obvious.  Extremely ill advised and in very poor taste, managing to piss off blacks and gays in one fell swoop. Well done, arseholes. I just can’t EVEN. Ew. I love Pepe Reina but how the hell could he even think this was appropriate?!

– Lozil

Screw You, You Bunch Of Disgusting Bastards…

28 Jan

What a shitty couple of days it’s been in the EPL. This fucking charmer of a LFC fan was snapped making monkey arms and noises at today’s Liverpool – Man United match. Classy. The picture has been turned over to the police and people are being asked to help identify him. Then there are reports of 3 Man United fans being arrested for spitting on the Hillsborough Memorial, which is absolutely DISGUSTING.  Both sides also had supporters making really nasty chants. What the ever-loving-fuck, people? Are you all insane?! Oh, but there’s more… Continue reading

Are You F***ing Kidding Me?!

26 May

Wow. This interview just popped up on my Twitter feed and my eyebrows shot into the stratosphere.
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UEFA clears Busquets

16 May

Of fucking course they did. I guess it was too much to expect the UEFA to take any real action. Lip service only apparently. I can just imagine the statements. Let me guess: football triumphed. Just shameful. More later – I’m on the subway and I’m about to lose reception. When I get above ground again, I’ll add links, etc. So fucking angry.

Doucheweed of the Day: Sergio Busquets (He Earned It, Peeps)

29 Apr

Okay, as you all know, I’m all about fair here, but this? This is not fair. It’s appalling. As if his diving wasn’t bad enough, here’s video of of Sergio Busquets calling Marcelo a “mono.”  That means “monkey,” y’all.  Busquets, you shamed yourself, your team and your fans. No one is going to defend your racist ass over this one. You owe Marcelo – and everyone else – an apology. To me, this isn’t a Barca vs. Real Madrid issue. This is an issue of a flat out racial slur and Busquets is bang out of order. Fuck him. UEFA, you need to act on this and other racist bullshit, no matter what the team.  I’m just disgusted over how bad this whole El Clasico thing is getting. Real/Barca, get your fucking shit together.

This information was originally over on ONTD_Football and I thank notoriousjk for bringing it to my attention. I had my head all up in the grad school reading tonight and missed it.

UPDATE: If you would like to express your outrage, drop an email to Platini and his cronies at info@uefa.com. I’ve already sent one. You can also email FC Barcelona at oab@fcbarcelona.cat. Please remember to be respectful and civil in your emails (but I know you will). Take the high road, unlike Busquets.

Updated: Madrid belongs to us!

20 Mar

Our heroes! Karim and Ozi brought it on home in our 2-1 win over Atleti in today’s Derby.  I apologize if this recap is slightly incoherent…

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UPDATED: Complete and Utter Doucheweed of the Day

1 Mar

I read this last night and my blood started boiling. It makes me madder and madder every time that I think about it so I had to get this off my chest. Anyone who knows me is aware of how much I love animals.  Just ask Shiggers how I feel about my “kitten” (aka my 15 year old cat Max), who is probably the most spoiled and adored creature on earth.

So here’s the scenario:  Colombian clubs Deportivo Pereira and Atletico Junior are playing.  Junior’s mascot is an owl and they believe when it flies over the stadium the team will win…

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