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*Breathe In* *Breathe Out*

3 May


I really want to write this recap from an accepting place, but it has to be said…..MOTHERFUCKER!!!! It really does hurt to have been so freaking close!  I still can’t believe the last 10 minutes of the 2nd leg happened. If I was sick to my stomach before & during the first 80 minutes of the match, then I don’t know what I was when the boys started to turn things around. My nerves were already shot & I sure as hell wasn’t ready for the sharp turn, the Real Madrid Emotional Roller Coaster ride took after Benz’s goal. I went from thinking, *GOALLLLL*, to *Well, I’m glad this isn’t ending goalless*, to *HOLY SHIT! COULD THIS BE THE COMEBACK??*. Prior to the goal, no doubt like many of you, I was disappointed. We weren’t promised a comeback, but we were promised that the team was going to die trying to give us one. That just wasn’t happening, but as soon as Benz scored, boy did those feelings of disappointment fly out the window. And I kind of fell in love with that moment, because I had had faith in the team that they could make this comeback, right from the end of the first leg, but somewhere in the middle I had lost that faith and it made me a little disappointed in myself, in the end. I needed to have my ass kicked by hope & belief, and that’s what happened when Benz & Sergio scored their goals. It felt good to be down to the last 60 seconds and still believe that our 3rd & savior of a goal could be scored. Of course, that goal didn’t come, but I needed that moment of “Yeah, the chances are slim, but this is my team and we can do ANYTHING!” That belief & undying love for your team are part of the genetic makeup of sports fans. Look it up. We’re three parts crazy, two parts love & devotion, and trace amounts of body paint & snack crumbs. I knew that if we weren’t going to make it to the finals, the one thing I wanted was to go out with my bursting Madridista pride, still intact. And I got what I wanted, because even though it hurts like hell, we turned that first leg heart breaker around and missed the damn thing by one goal. One goal. I think this year and last year’s semifinal defeats will end up making our future win, all the more sweeter and I can’t wait to see it happen.  Continue reading

Here we go! Spain vs Portugal

27 Jun

The first match of the Semifinals start in under an hour and I’m equal parts nervousness & excitement! I hope we get to enjoy a very entertaining match, but more importantly, I hope for an outcome that I like. 😛 Don’t make me cry boys, VAMOS LA ROJA!!

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Animo Madridistas

27 Apr


Dear Madridistas, are you tired? Weepy? Not feeling like smiling at anyone? Have you consumed three times your daily calorie amount? If you’ve answered yes to any or more than one of these questions, you are suffering from Post Partido Depression and I am here to tell you that you’re not alone. I’m right there with ya peeps, today sucked. Tomorrow may suck too but we’ve got to buck up, cheer up..well maybe not cheer up, but cheer on our boys for the remainder of the season. With only three matches left, we can take comfort in the fact that vacay pics are coming soon…I swear they better be good! But in all seriousness, congrats to Bayern for making it to the finals and an even bigger congrats to our boys! Coming this far in the competition is no easy feat, we fought the whole way through & faced worthy opponents. We have nothing to be ashamed of and we can be extremely proud of our team for all they have done & accomplished – in all competitions this season. The fact that they’ve done well doesn’t lessen the hurt of the loss, but we still have to support our team. We keep doing what we do and before we know it, we’ll be celebrating as La Liga Champions and praying for the safety of our beloved trophy 😉 Continue reading