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Ding Dong The Dicks Are Dead*

21 Dec
Photo courtesy of AP

Photo courtesy of AP

*Well, Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini aren’t actually dead, but their careers certainly are. Glory hallelujah! It’s a Christmas miracle! Continue reading

It’s Official: Sepp Blatter Resigns!

2 Jun

fifa-logoHoly shit! I never thought I’d see the day! Of course, I’m just about to go on a conference call so I can’t write more but hallelujah! Read more here.

– Lozil

The Evil Empire Continues

29 May

SeppBlatterWCFor those who weren’t watching the clusterfuckery of the FIFA elections live today, here’s how it went down: Continue reading

Luis Figo & Michael Van Praag Drop Out Of FIFA Presidental Race

22 May

fifa-logoThe absolute fuckery around the FIFA “elections” continues. Two of the three challengers to Sepp Blatter’s stranglehold, whoops, I mean presidency dropped out yesterday leaving only Jordan’s Prince Ali bin al-Hussein to battle the venal out of touch old coot. They may have left the race, but they had plenty to say about it. Continue reading

Sepp Blatter and FIFA: E:60 Reports with Jeremy Schaap

20 May

sepp I’ve been meaning to get this up for the past week, but if you haven’t yet seen the documentary Jeremy Schaap did about FIFA and Sepp, you really do owe it to yourself to watch it. Here’s a link to the ESPNFC site where it’s available in 5 parts.  Prepare to be even more disgusted than you probably already are with this man and his organization. The corruption is so deeply ingrained in FIFA that one has to wonder if it can ever be cleansed. May 29 will see Blatter seeking his 5th term as president at the FIFA Congress in Zurich.  Can anyone beat him and remove this cancer from the beautiful game? It remains to be seen. When FIFA is involved, as we all know, money talks. And the money trail and lack of transparency detailed in this documentary is jaw dropping.

– Lozil

FIFA Being Sued Again

27 Aug

30F31F67B28BE1BD4A65A9AF5DDAC_h416_w442_m2_q80_cNumEFRpxFirst mygypsyspirit brought you news of FIFA being sued for poor refereeing at the World Cup. Now I bring you news of another lawsuit tangentially related to the World Cup which hit FIFA today. This one is all about my recently discovered passion topic: head injuries and concussions in football. Ohhhh, someone named Sepp is not going to be a happy baby. Guess I wasn’t the only one who didn’t buy into his Presidential Message on this topic. Continue reading

FIFA on Head Injuries

25 Aug

So, we finally have some information from FIFA on the topic of head injuries and concussions in football. And by some I mean lots. Be warned; this is going to be a wordy post. My inner editor is (sadly) on strike. Continue reading

Updated: Algerian Football Suspended

25 Aug

Following a special meeting held yesterday, the Algerian Football Federation (AFF) has suspended all football following the death of forward Albert Ebossé. The Federation had already closed JS Kabylie’s stadium, and the closure instructions were extended to all football teams for the upcoming weekend. Continue reading

And The Joke’s On Us

11 Jun

FIFA is just ridiculous and repulsive. Blatter will run again and more than likely win. I don’t know why we expect any different. Can anyone truly challenge this vile unethical bastard and his equally corrupt cronies? And would they be any better or just a lesser evil? The whole lot of them disgust me. I’m gonna go watch that John Oliver rant again.

– Lozil

Preach John Oliver!

10 Jun

Watishista Luz sent in this fantastic bit from Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. He just rips into FIFA and it’s nothing short of brilliant.

– Lozil