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F**king Hypocrite & More

29 Apr

For those of you who missed Sepp’s latest lip service yesterday, here it is. Continue reading

This Is How You Do It, Y’all!

13 Jan

1489213_347493125389726_980062618_nSergio & Pilar look fantastic! (And Bebe Ramos is coming along nicely, I see).  They went for a clean and classic look.  Continue reading

Commander Cristiano Leads Troops to Victory

2 Nov

Attention Troop Real Madrid, Commander Cristiano is on the pitch! I’m sure Sepp Blabber didn’t know what he was setting in motion when he made his comments, but he should think about sending an apology to Sevilla! Don’t piss off our Crissy, nuh uh. Aside from the drama, how amaaaaze was it watching an RM goal-fest again?? I love it! Can’t we use fury of a trophy-less season and the Spanish media circus to push us to bring the ass kicking to EVERY match?? Let’s do it Los Blancos.

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Sing It Sister, Part Two

31 Oct

notesMany people may remember the very talented Madridista known as marceloviera who recorded a song about (as lovely watishista IsraQM put it) “our clusterfuck last season.” Well, she’s back again and she’s taking on the Sepp Blatter/CR7 controversy to the tune of Blurred Lines. Lyrics & audio here. Hopefully no one will get their knickers in a twist like last time. WARNING: MAY PRODUCE RAGE IN OTT MESSI FANGIRLS/BOYS OR TESTY CULES/BI-TEAMUALS. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. But seriously, most people here don’t fall into the knee jerk freak out category but as always, I’m warning you up front ‘cuz I don’t want to hear the dramz. Besides, it’s more of a slagging off of Blatter and his remarks about Messi being a good boy than anything.  Anyhow, go, listen and have a giggle.

– Lozil

Everybody Gets Back To Work… (And A London Reunion)

29 Oct

278-217-_VCM1663Thumb,36All of today’s Blatter balagan didn’t stop the boys from getting down to work. Some obnoxious old fart and his misguided attempts at “humor” aren’t going to break our stride. Pffft. We’re Real Madrid. We eat drama for breakfast. Continue reading

Updated: Cristiano Spells It Out In No Uncertain Terms

29 Oct

Cristiano bitchslapHaving seen (and been appalled by) the video yesterday, I was waiting to hear what Cristiano’s camp would say about Blatter’s comments but this artful bitchslap went beyond my expectations. Continue reading

Fashion Dos And Don’ts: The Ballon d’Or

7 Jan

BABUPxTCEAABMR4DO show up in a classic tux with a gorgeous Russian supermodel on your arm. Even if you don’t win the award you so richly deserve, no one can fault your style.  Continue reading

OMFG! Caption THIS.

10 Jan

This picture came via the Twitter of @BeardEric who is the editor of A Football Report and is an instant classic. I just had to share and I know your fantastic, creative minds can surely come up with some fabulous captions or stories to weave around this shot.

Sepp Blatter, You Enormous Douche!

16 Nov

Noted FIFA dickhead Sepp Blatter is at it again. He’s declared that there is “no racism” in football. Oh really? He also suggested that players settle racist incidents (you know, the ones that don’t happen) with a handshake. To which I only have one thing to say:
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FIFA Treats Women’s Game As A Burden

24 Jun

Marta and Sepp Blatter at 2010 FIFA Ballon d'Or Gala

FIFA treats women’s game as a burden
by Jennifer Doyle
Published June 23, 2011
From Foxsports.com

HOUSTON –  On the eve of the Women’s World Cup it is worth remembering that FIFA’s involvement in a women’s football tournament won’t turn the Sith Lords of soccer into benevolent stewards of the beautiful game.
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