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Trolling, Stretching And Roberto Carlos!

12 Feb

Someone at RealMadrid.com is a big ol’ troll. I woke up and saw the front page and snorted with laughter, our number 10 Mesut was featured in a victory pose. Now, as you all probably know, if we beat Levante today, we’ll be 10 points over Barca in La Liga. The theme continued inside. Continue reading

Merry Christmas, enjoy the Cendeer!

25 Dec

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Good Morning…erm Good Afternoon/Evening to our Watishistas everywhere!!! Why the question mark you ask? Who am I to neglect the element of surprise? ūüėČ Digital prezzies after the jump… Continue reading

Christmas Lunch and Prezzies

18 Dec

Today was Real Madrid’s Christmas Lunch, an event I think we all look forward to every year. With the Footballers & Bballers getting together to mingle, we get pictures that make us tingle…in a totally innocent holiday/family oriented way of course. There’s also the infamous Holiday Greeting video that the team gifts us with, it hasnt been posted yet but there are gorgey pics to enjoy in the meantime! Continue reading

Sergio Posts A Fotito, Mou Tells Tales Outta School And Today, I Heart Fast Food

27 Nov

Sergio was out and about it with his bro-in-law Carlos and Tio Raul again. Thankfully, no fashion sweatsuits were in evidence. I found a couple of other silly photos that help take my mind off the all nighter I’m pulling on my thesis (almost there kids! I present on Thursday night!) Continue reading

The Pix Keep Coming…

31 May

“Why isn’t Nando climbing all over me? Is it my hair?”

More pictures and here’s a video from El Pais. Notice that Fernando and Sergio are nowhere near each other in pictures or video. Do I sense a tremor in The Force? I mean, WTF?! I’ve been waiting for Sernando pictures with baited breath. If they’re having a spat, I will be so freaking sad!
Continue reading