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Sami Returns To The Roster, A Cringeworthy Moment & A Trophy For Pipita, Calleti & Chori

3 May

Um, Sese, you should be talking to him about the beard not the hair.

First off, thanks for all the kind words. I’m doing okay today. Pretty achy but spent most of the day resting and sleeping. Staying off my feet helps. I have a cane now (thanks to San Shigs who brought that and a pizza ’round last night) so I’m going to try to hobble the two blocks to my local tomorrow to watch the match. We’ll see how that goes.  Continue reading

UPDATED: The Daily Drool – Epic Bromance Month – SERGIO WEEK (All Star): Sergio & Mesut

21 Dec

sergio mesutDon’t ever say I don’t give you what you want! A late lamented bromance that was so intense the two men involved in it spent time searching through Tumblr for compilation shots of their own bromance so they could post them on their Twitter feeds! It’s so meta that it’s almost unbearable.  I miss the long hair on both Sergio & Mesut. Hell, I just miss Sergio & Mesut together period. Continue reading

Thursday Training, Someone Is Still Carrying The Torch & Someone’s Got His Groove Back

15 Aug
Carlo will have none of your sass, thank you very much.

Carlo will have none of your sass, thank you very much.

The internationals are making their way back to Madrid and those left behind trained their charming butts off. Continue reading

Ah Sunday…

11 Aug

Llegada_a_Madrid (1)So I finally have a minute to get a few things caught up (and Maisougio will be returning with a big ol’ pre-season game recap post soon).

The boys are back in Madrid with the exception of Sergio & Arbeloa who stayed in the US and will meet La Roja in Ecuador tomorrow (more on that in a bit). The non-internationals will back to training on Wednesday. Mesut so enjoyed wearing Sergio’s hat in St. Louis that he decided to wear it home. Not only did the mothership post a photo, he put it in his Instagram as well. These boys never cease to bring the bromance. Continue reading

UPDATED: A Little Sergzil Scandal To Ponder While You’re Waiting For Kick Off

30 Apr

tumblr_mm0swp3T5a1qftb6ko2_500So I was over on MGEF doing some morning reading and almost had a conniption fit. An eagle-eyed anon sent in this shot from the presser(one that we posted here yesterday) with this comment: “did you notice that sergio is wearing a shirt under his champions top with the number 10 on it??” HOLY SHIT. I certainly didn’t see it yesterday but I blew up the piccy and cropped it and what do you know… Continue reading

The Mists of Babe-Alon And More

10 Jan

Entrenamiento (6)Okay, the weather HAS to clear up in Madrid. I’m running out of fog and mist related puns. Sergio may be sending Mesut and us a saucy wink (C’mon you guys, we can SEE what you’re doing! You might want to be more discreet!) but he’s definitely not smiling about the verdict on his sending off yesterday. He’s been suspended for 5 games, 2  Copa Del Rey (vs Valencia) & 3 La Liga (vs Osasuna, Valencia & Getafe). 1 game was for the red card, the other 4 were for mouthing off to the referee. He took to Twitter today to make some protesting comments. It might be best to zip his lip so he doesn’t get further sanctions. Just sayin’.  Continue reading

I Heard The Concentracion Angels Singing To Me….

8 Jan


The Look of Love Is In Your Eyes

The look of love is in your eyes (thanks to the new sex beards you’re both sporting)

…and they were singing a song of bromance. A wonderous song extolling the Double As, Sergzil & Khedergio! I’m so happy to see Arbie & Chori hanging together. It’s gonna be a Strip Parchis night, y’all! Continue reading

UPDATED: Ramos: Corazón, Carácter y Pasión’ And Sergzil Love Train Picks Up Speed

10 Dec

tumblr_metlglCwhE1qbiysso1_500The new book about Sergio was presented today at the Bernabeu. In attendance  was Sese’s family, FloPeezy, Jose Merce and several teammates. Sergio definitely had some emotional moments when talking about his family and was moved to tears.  Continue reading

Mesut Would Not Approve!

2 Dec

Spain Soccer La LigaSo yesterday, I was watching the match and let loose a shriek when Cata Diaz was “defending” and reached back and got himself a handful of Sami’s arse.  Watishista P was looking at her phone and missed it. Watishisto M was looking the other way. I thought I was the only one who saw it and commented on Twitter. Luckily, @NadeenAlk proved that I wasn’t hallucinating (well, not yesterday) by providing me with a snapshot of the big moment.  @22fanRMFC then cracked us up with the following tweet.

Continue reading

The Return Of The Prodigal Lozil, Two Trainings, Sami Interview, Ikerliciousness And More

19 Nov

Hallelujah! My conference is over and I’m back! Lordy, how I have missed all of you and this blog. I almost wept the first time I could watch footy again without a deadline looming over me. Special thanks to my beloved other half Maisougio who has been a total rock star holding down the fort for the last month while I’ve been in the middle of work, a hurricane and life drama. I promise a whopping big bits & bobs post (including the ongoing Sergzil social media love fest) sometime soon but first, the boys have been training for the past two days, so let’s peep that. Continue reading