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Fate Is Cruel

20 Mar

Satellite (14)Well, that is NOT how I wanted this draw to turn out (::hums the chorus of ‘Blasphemous Rumors‘ by Depeche Mode::) Continue reading

Oh! I Didn’t Know That! You Learn Something New Every Day!::Headdesk::

9 Jul

Wow! Messi plays for Real Madrid! Cristiano Ronaldo plays for AC Milan! Who knew? Apparently, the NY Daily News. It’s been a great day for illustrating the need for fact checkers, hasn’t it? (Via Dirty Tackle)

– Lozil

HOLY CRAP! Who Made This Ad?!?!?

14 May

I’d comment further on this but I just can’t stop laughing. You would think that the World Football challenge could find *someone* who could pronounce ANY of the names of world famous footballers/teams correctly. OMFG. Epic fail!

– Lozil

The Height Of Absurdity & The Essence Of WTF

3 Feb

Sunderland striker Nicklas Bendtner has launched a jewelry line (why I don’t know). He chose to do this in an ill fitting pink raw silk suit accessorized with a stuffed tiger, a live snake, some glassware filled with napkins (or red roses, not quite sure!) and his new Danish television star girlfriend. He then had it all immortalized with some badly lit, epically poor photography. Re-read those three sentences and pause for a moment to let them sink in. If you’re not totally WTFing after that, you will be when you see the pictures… Continue reading

The Shit Keeps Coming: Quebec Soccer Ref in Hijab Thrown Off Pitch

22 Jun

(Photo courtesy of CTV Winnipeg)

Today so many things are turning my stomach. Watishista! Maddy sent this one in and it’s just so, so frustrating. Read on…
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Depressing and Worrisome: Homophobia & The Women’s World Cup

22 Jun

Eucharia Uche, Coach of the Nigerian Women’s National Team continues her quest to repress the right of others to live freely. Read all about her latest bullshit in the New York Times: In African Women’s Soccer, Homophobia Remains an Obstacle

One of the many worrying quotes from the article: “Uche said she had never witnessed her own players participating in homosexual activity. Instead, she said that she had relied on rumors, speculation and news media accounts to form her belief that lesbian behavior had been common in the Nigerian team.” Can you say witch hunt?

It’s depressing to see coaches like this but it does my heart good to see out and proud coaches like Hope Powell (England) and Pia Sundhage (USA) rocking for equality. Players such as Natasha Kai (US) along with Swedes Victoria Svensson and Jessica Landström are doing the same.

Reading that article just breaks my heart a thousand times.

Moucation and Other Bits & Bobs

22 Jun

Watishista! super sleuth Maddy tracked down this picture of Mou and the fam kicking back over on Mesut Means Happy  When I popped over there to see what was happening, I came upon this hilarious ESPN Women’s World Cup commercial with Abby Wambach.
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You Know What’s Not Hot? This.

17 Jun

Okay, I’m a long reformed smoker (I quit before I’m sure some of you were born) and I realize that it is a personal choice and I know that he is a grown ass man no matter how Bambi-like he looks. However, I gotta say, the next time I see Ozil, my absolute favorite player, out of breath or unable to play a full 90, I’m going to be looking askance at him. Your body is a temple, boo. An out-of-this-world talented one, may I add. Why on earth would you do something that would harm it and make you less efficient at playing the game you love?! Ugh. Not loving this in the slightest. Hey, I’m sure Real would splash out to get you some smoking cessation hypnosis, you know. Give it some thought, would you?



19 May

These are supposedly the new Real Madrid kits for 2011-2012. The pictures are making the rounds on Twitter and are not official obviously, but…


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