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Provisional World Cup 2014 Squad List For Spain Released

13 May

La Roja provisionalThe provisional squad list for Spain has been released! A few surprises but not as many as I expected. Continue reading

Otters Don’t Know Shit, Guti Shaves & Shills and More Bits & Bobs

29 Jun

Ferret the Otter, why did you make me believe?! I know I can’t blame it on the otter but right now it’s all just too fresh. I’m still too bummed out to talk about yesterday. This was a painful match for me as I grew up supporting Italy and Germany is the team of my heart. The final is going to be even more wrenching.  Ugh! Why do I care so much?! I did love this picture of wily ol’ Pirlo (who has been awe inspiring) consoling the young genius Ozil.  Continue reading


27 Jun

The boys have finally figured out how to deal with that pesky competition for Nando thing: a threesome. I mean, we’ve been saying it since last year. Why don’t they ever listen to us?! Negredo looks hopeful that he might be able get in on some of that action (I mean, can you blame him?) Give them a chance to settle in, bb, then we can think about making it a foursome. (Holy crap, they can name the ensuing blue movie Pony Does Panenka!)

– Lozil