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Last Session Before Heading To Macedonia

6 Aug

The team finished their final session before heading off to Macedonia tomorrow. Continue reading

Training Bras, FutVolley, Keepy Uppy & Other Tales From Marrakech

18 Dec
Jese, excuse me, *Jey M* :ahem: shows off his training bra

Jese, excuse me, *Jey M* (ahem) shows off his training bra.

I’ve got a bit to catch up on. Getting home after 10 PM from work last night didn’t lend itself to posting. It did however feature ordering take out and falling asleep while eating said take out. It was one of those days. Continue reading

::THUD:: Thanks For That, Raul Arbeloa!

5 May

BmzOwBXIYAAwxLzHoly Mother of God, I cannot believe this shot of his brother Alvaro that Raul Arbeloa took. That is just…excuse me while I pass out again. Watishista mygypsyspirit texted me in a tizzy about it. Can’t blame her. I’ll be staring at it¬†for the rest of the day. Please don’t bother me unless necessary. ūüėČ

Oh yeah, the caption: “√Črase una vez un hombre a una barba pegada… #espartano #barbeloa #sololosrecios” He’s teasing Alvaro¬†about his Spartan beard. Yes, Raul. Please tease him and take a shirtless picture of him EVERY DAY. I BEG OF YOU.

– Lozil

Sex (Beard) Me So Good I Say Blah-Blah-Blah*

3 Apr

a6If anything is going to make me put my thing down, flip it and reverse it, it’s Arbeloa in the gym. YUM. As Missy Elliot rightly said*¬†¬†“Work it. I need a glass of water” or in this case, a cold shower. Continue reading

Your Life Choices, Sergio: Examine Them

10 Mar

tumblr_n26qp2K2fN1qftb6ko1_500Yes, we won and kept a clean sheet yesterday, but everyone seemed laser focused on Sergio’s newest hairdo during the match. ::shaking my head:: ¬†Sigh. He will do what he will do. I’m also side eyeing the additions to his tattoo. It’s getting more challenging by the second. As long as he doesn’t touch his chest, I’ll tolerate it. ¬†I still haven’t forgiven DAgger for defacing his fabulous chesticles. Continue reading

Your Attention, Please….

10 Nov

That is all. You may return to your regularly scheduled Sunday evening activities (one of which is now, more than likely, a cold shower).

(Gif via la-vecchia-signora)

– Lozil

Requiem For A Sex Beard Part II (And Hopefully Not For A Booty), Tennis & Visitors

9 May

Entrenamiento_Real_Madrid (14)This close up of Arbeloa from today made me really miss his sex beard but he still looks fab.

I’ve been up to my neck in work all day and I’m feeling like hell. My allergies are going berserk so all apologies that this is another drive by. Arbie and Sami trained apart from the rest of the team and young Diego Llorente joined the big boys. Continue reading


22 Oct

UPDATE – Thanks to Watishista Bluebeta, we have a new & working video to ogle!

UPDATE 2: Thanks to staystranger over on hala_madrid who did a screen capture of the video and if you want to download an HQ version of this video go here, also thanks to staystranger!

Um….before my brain completely melts & I become an incoherent mess, I have to thank Watishista meridiansour for alerting us to the fact that, SERGIO WILL APPEAR HALF NEKKIE IN MEN’S HEALTH ESPANA!!!! He’s greased up, in his undies, looking foine as hell. It’s times like these, that I’m extremely grateful that I get to type these posts out & not speak or record anything, because all the commentary you’d be getting is “Derr..derrramos…sexiiioooooderrr…derrr!” Please join me in thanking the very talented ladies of tumblr, who gif’d the shit out of that video & gifted us with slo-mo Sexio heaven. *__* Continue reading