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More Men’s Health Sexioooo & Interview

25 Oct


Here’s our cover boy! You think the photographer wouldn’t let Sergio give a thumbs up & this is what they settled on? Pssh, like I even give a crap, the rest of him is FOINE! Hot damn! Crotch tattoo front & center, muscles everywhere, I need my fucking copy of this already. Make that two copies, in case one gets ruined….haha kidding, I swear! 😛 Three cheers for not only Sexio, but for Men’s Health too, this is the best dressed & undressed I’ve ever seen Sergio. I bet he was all “Get this monochrome shit da fuck outta my sight!” once the shoot was over, back in colorful jeans in 5-4-3-2-1! Ooh and another big cheer for pompetypom, who was so awesome to translate the article!

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22 Oct

UPDATE – Thanks to Watishista Bluebeta, we have a new & working video to ogle!

UPDATE 2: Thanks to staystranger over on hala_madrid who did a screen capture of the video and if you want to download an HQ version of this video go here, also thanks to staystranger!

Um….before my brain completely melts & I become an incoherent mess, I have to thank Watishista meridiansour for alerting us to the fact that, SERGIO WILL APPEAR HALF NEKKIE IN MEN’S HEALTH ESPANA!!!! He’s greased up, in his undies, looking foine as hell. It’s times like these, that I’m extremely grateful that I get to type these posts out & not speak or record anything, because all the commentary you’d be getting is “Derr..derrramos…sexiiioooooderrr…derrr!” Please join me in thanking the very talented ladies of tumblr, who gif’d the shit out of that video & gifted us with slo-mo Sexio heaven. *__* Continue reading