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Female Soccer Fans Subjected to Strip Searches

6 Aug

“Girls stand at the entrance to podtribunnogo room. Luggage storage there. Only 2 rooms with cells. In the photo a police officer, who told me about me about the bomb. “

As if Russia doesn’t have enough problems at the moment, some Spartak Moscow female fans were subjected to strip searches prior to a game vs Rubin Kazan this past Friday. Yes, you read that correctly. When I came across this story yesterday, I had no words. Today, I have many many words, most of which are unprintable and unsayable in certain company. So I’ll stick to those that can be said and you can fill in the blanks as you wish. Continue reading

Perhaps. But I Bet Zlatan Is Side Eyeing You Pretty Damn Hard.

19 May

10309025_495048100595192_7698457991617560928_nSo Mesut got himself a tattoo. As footballers tend to do. Everyone was squeeing about this since the tattoo artist posted a shot with him earlier this month. They were all aflutter wondering what it could be: a declaration of love for Sergio (or heck, even Mandy)? Something to do with football, family or his dogs? What could it possibly be?! Continue reading