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Thursday Training, Sharing The Shoe, Windswept Beaches and Hair Abuse

6 Nov

Satellite (7)The team continued training today in preparation for Saturday’s match vs. Rayo Vallecano. (Video)  Joining them were Castilla midfielders Medrán and Aguza. Continue reading

Friday = Lots of Talking & The Obligatory Manpile

11 Apr

1Don’t know about you but I’m still reeling from that Bayern Munich news. Ugh. Just bloody figures! Anyhow, we’ve got to move ahead. The team had their final training before facing Almeria.(Training Video) Continue reading

Training At Veltins-Arena

26 Feb

4Apologies all. It was a hella long day and I can barely see straight because I’m so tired. So I’m going to dump these training shots here, put up the presser stuff quick and hit the sack. Continue reading

Sexual Harrassment Panda And More

10 Feb

tumblr_n0s7hoI42a1qftb6ko1_500Arbeloa is bucking to win the Bad Touch Pichichi for Team Show Me On The Doll. SMDH. This team needs a visit from Sexual Harrassment Panda, stat. And G-Money, where is your hand going? I think you’re picking up some sketchy habits from your colleagues. Continue reading

Crosstown Copa Prep & A Whole Lot More

4 Feb

1004-857-_HES5997Thumb,50The first round of the Copa Del Rey semi-final vs. Atleti is tomorrow. Carlo put 24 players through their paces including Castilla’s Lucas and José Rodríguez. Casemiro worked out inside.  Continue reading

Arbeloa Gives Us Another Holiday Gift

24 Dec

Team Show Me On The Doll continues their campaign of sexually harassing each other with this little move featured in the “Lo que el ojo no ve” segment on El Día Después. Arbeloa, not content to give CR7 a little booty squeeze during the picture, lovingly runs a lingering finger up Cristiano’s arse crack. You can watch it all here. This is text book Arbeloa, he pulled the a similar move on Pipita a couple of years ago. Cris’s lack of reaction leads me to believe that Arbie grabs everyone’s ass so frequently that it’s not even worth raising a well plucked eyebrow over. (Or threaded. Or waxed. Or whatever he does, because that boy does some serious brow maintenance).  These boys never fail to entertain me.

(Gifs by concretar via GFSports)

– Lozil

The Daily Drool – Epic Bromance Month – SERGIO WEEK: Sergio & Cristiano

16 Dec

sergio-ramos-with-cristiano-ronaldo-girlfriend-687984490These brothers in bad fashion, whether teammates or opponents, always find a way to share the love!  Continue reading

Sese Switches It Up

19 Sep

9f749e38213711e3b0ce22000a1fa90f_7Arbie captionNot content to just grope his teammates’ junk, Sergio decided to switch it up and cop a gratuitous feel of Alvaro’s arse. Sergio Ramos: Living our dream.

Alvaro said that he and “Churu” (Sese’s nickname) were taking the babies out to lunch. He said they needed to take care of them and that they were good people.  Very cute.

I’ll be back later with a round up of training, etc. (major work related angst yesterday) but now I’m off to get my hair did.

– Lozil


17 Sep

Seriker sweetnessSeriker tweetSergio shared this adorable picture with Iker tonight. The good news is that Iker’s knock was minor and he’ll be fine.  That’s obviously true or I can imagine that Iker wouldn’t be in a joking mood. And of course Sergio’s hand is in its usual inappropriate place. It never ceases to amaze me that we so rarely see him really pawing a chick, but he’s got his hand up in multiple dudes’ junk on any given week. Oh Real Madrid, you are the Kings of Over Familiarity. Bless.

– Lozil