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Pre-Clasico Training/Rumblings In The Press

23 Jan

I’m very sorry to say that Albiol has not cut his hair as I thought. Look at that mess on his head. What is he thinking?! Does he not miss Arbeloa? All the papers are going on about team unrest. I think that pelt is the cause. People are obviously taking sides. There’s only one problem in the locker room these days: Albiol’s hair.

As we’ve probably all heard, there was a story in Marca (grain of salt taken) which supposedly was a leaked conversation between Sergio and Mou.  Sid Lowe wrote an article about it and the whistles when Mou’s name was chanted yesterday and he makes it seem like a done deal that there is major problems with the team. Not sure if I believe that either. Continue reading

Bits and Bobs: May 19

19 May

Little bits of news from here and there today. This is a doozy though. The other day in London, Kaka and Robin Van Persie played paintball in a novel way. There were soccer balls covered in paint that they kicked at a bunch of kids that are running around. Um, okay. Not sure who thought that would be a good promotional idea but there you go.
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Today’s News Round Up

6 May

I just like seeing Marcelo’s cute little smile so here he is all thumbs upsy! Lots of news to report today…
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Once More Into The Abyss

2 May

Cute boys being cute

This is going to have to be a super quickie as I’m in the midst of a hellish workday which will be followed by a hellish evening trying to finish a paper that is due tomorrow.  Much to report and very little time to do it…

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Mou Speaks, The Ikerpus Decision, Articles and Even More Training Pictures

19 Apr

Mou held his press conference and said among other things that it is he, not Alfredo Di Stefano, who makes the decisions about the game. Oh snap!  He was respectful about it but he’s right – doesn’t matter what others think – the decision rests with him.

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Iker’s Love Affair With Plaid Continues And Other News

19 Apr

…but he looks great, so who cares?! Captain Handsome Pants was interviewed on the Real Madrid website about how important it was to the team to win the Copa Del Rey. He gave the fans a great deal of credit for the team’s success. But this part also caught my eye:

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Bits & Bobs: Serious Droolage To Vote On, The Bieb Strikes Again, Oh No He Didn’t And More

7 Apr

Did that get your attention? I thought that it might!  Our brother in sports love and droolage over at The Sports Fag is kicking off his 2011 Hottest Male Athlete Tournament.

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Here We Go!

5 Apr

Are you ready for some football?!  I know I am.  Mou looks 8 kinds of adorable here, doesn’t he?

Other people looked adorbs…

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Nice Ozi article…

3 Apr

Sid Lowe wrote a great article on our Ozi: Real Madrid find ‘Nemo’ to their liking as Mesut Ozil settles in well Go on over and have a look!

Bare Arses, Kittens, Curlers, Happy Returns, Sad Leave-Takings, Inspirational Tales, Tired Boys

21 Mar

Hooray for the Internet! Yesterday’s arse slide was bound to show up on YouTube and sure enough, one quick Google and I had the footage. Poor Filipe Luis. Can’t be easy having your arse bared to millions of people on live television, but honey, you have nothing to be ashamed of – that’s a nice booty! And check out my boo getting all aggro and shove-y. He’s a little spitfire when he’s after the ball. Remember when he shoved the referee?

More Bits and Bobs within…

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