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It’s Official: Mou Appointed Chelsea’s New Coach

3 Jun

0,,10268~11984845,00In a move surprising only someone who has been living on a desert island with no contact with the outside world (and even that’s debatable), Mou was officially appointed Chelsea’s coach today. He took Silvino Louro, Rui Faria and Jose Morais with him. Wonder if that means that Karanka will stay?! Continue reading

Work That Iker!

25 Mar

Entrenamiento (5)Today the keepers were put through their paces. Capi, DLo and Jesus got down to business with Silvino Louro. Continue reading

Updated: Happy Boys

27 Feb

0cbb52b6809311e2bc2222000a1f98f9_7Just a wee drive by tonight, I’m feeling a bit crappy and need to get to sleep early.  They boys posted some celebratory pictures. Arbeloa put this one up on Instagram with the caption “CRISTIANATOR!” Very appropriate! Continue reading

Updated: Mou Doc, More Diego, Call Ups, Bits & Bobs

26 Jan

I’m really hoping that they translate this great Mou birthday video into English (if they do, I’ll replace it here). At the very least, if you don’t speak Spanish or Portuguese, you can enjoy the visuals. UPDATED: English version is now up here. Continue reading

Training, A Marcelo & Pipa Sighting, & A Chat with Karankinky

16 Nov

Would you look at that, all of our boys back together & no new injuries. Thank you International Duty Gods for sparing us! I think Albiol looks the happiest to be back, or just the happiest to be facing Arbeloa’s backside…hey, it’s cardio that keeps our team fit & whatever get’s their hearts pumpin’ is more than OK with me. 😉 Preparations for tomorrow’s match, against Bilbao, included a lot of bending over, which is my idea of a perfect training session!

Continue reading

UPDATED: Bits & Bobs: Ball Work, Bats, Brothers, The ‘Mourinho Way’ And More

30 Jul

Here’s some shots from the second training along with some bits & bobs that I’ve collected throughout the day. Training legs ahead!

Continue reading

Kuwait Friendly Recap

18 May

So now it’s officially summer vacay for the boys, now that they’ve gone, played, won, & come back from Kuwait. If you caught the match, you could tell they were just burnt our from their long, hard, well played season….or more likely, they’re still wiped out from celebrating! But they did manage to score two goals & delight their Kuwaiti fans. Continue reading

Zizou Joins Training, Presser Translation/Video, Clinic Video, Worst Promo Ever?

12 May

Oooh! Look who dusted off his boots and joined training today! You know that had to be a thrill for the players. Zizou is an idol and role model for so many of them. Such a gorgeous player in every sense of the word. Continue reading

To Cibeles!

3 May

Get ready for a loooooong post, because there are a lot of pics & screen caps to see! I’m enjoying looking at these pics more than watching the live stream….because I spent most of that time being jealous as hell of everyone in the plaza 😛 Continue reading