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Night Of The Living Selfies, Cast Off, Birthday Cake Issues, Brothers, Underpants Mania & More

5 Feb

485150_10151388844249663_1363281096_nEveryone is all about the selfies lately. Mesut has picked up Karim’s bad habits and it looks like they’re trying to out-selfie each other. At least he hasn’t gone straight up duckface on us…yet. Continue reading

Baby Sofia Makes Her Debut

30 Dec

2012-12-23224847_CA967162-B341-4FEB-88DD-FECB0766BF67$$738d42d9-134c-4fbe-a85a-da00e83fdc20$$e4904bfa-f47e-47b1-9884-36ea2f2c9483$$img_carrouselTopHomepage$$pt$$1After the Malaga game, Pepe headed to Portugal for the baptism of his 4 month old daughter Sofia, which took place the next afternoon. We haven’t really gotten a look at the little woobins yet, so this is exciting. Continue reading