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Lend Your Heart To La Roja

14 Apr

Cruzcampo has a new campaign called #PrestanosTuCorazon (Lend Your Heart) for the World Cup. The idea is to send in the crest from your national team uniform to create a giant flag that will go to every Spanish National Team game. Good god, do these people not realize how much kits cost?! Anyhow, more info here and you can watch Sese & several other members of La Roja in the ad. (Anyone care to translate the ad? If so, please do in the comments)

– Lozil

Anti-Sex Beard Tendencies, Training, Saluting Puyol, y Mas

4 Mar


Can everyone step AWAY from the big razor, please?? They’ve already got poor Albiol and Cesc! From bearded glory to teenage “price check on aisle 5” grocery boys. *cries* La Roja needs more sponsors that are Team Preserve The Sex Beard! You gotta love VdB’s “Go for my stache & I’ll cut a bitch” look though.

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“Who let Diego Costa in here?”

4 Mar


You know peeps were thinking that upon his arrival today…mmhmm. Boy, I would not want to be in his position. It’s tough enough being the new guy, imagine being the new guy AND Diego Costa. Yikes, no thank you! I’m sure Diego thought his arrival was going to be the attention grabber of the day and maybe it was in other places, but at HB&HB we’re all about the easy, breezy, beautiful Xabi arrival and Sergio’s crotch pockets…yes, crotch pockets. Continue reading

Luis Aragonés Has Passed Away

1 Feb

664355_w2Atleti legend and former La Roja coach Luis Aragonés has died at age 75 after a short illness. He led Spain to winning Euro 2008 and was a huge influence on this brilliant generation of Spanish ‘ballers.

– Lozil

Merry Christmas/Happy New Year From La Roja & La Rojita!

29 Dec

I continue to be about as useful as a block of wood, laying in bed here wheezing, I’ll make two quick posts before I fall asleep yet again. (Thanks for all the kind wishes, BTW. Max and I are doing okay but I think I’ve morphed into a cat since I’m sleeping about 14 hours a day).

The merry men of La Roja & the bebes of La Rojita taped holiday messages and – glory be! – blooper reels (I’m side eyeing you, Real Madrid – better get mine tomorrow). So here you go. Chori was very, very Chori (I like how someone handed him a giant Christmas tree to put at crotch level – just adding more fuel to his nickname, eh?) Everyone is just a complete goofball. I do love seeing Xabi crack up and Alvaro being (lovingly) frustrated by his boo. I also got a kick out of how they paired tiny guys with big dudes and perched the wee ones on the shelf (Mata/Negredo, Monreal/Llorente). Continue reading

Preparing For Copenhagen/RM & The World Cup

8 Dec
"ONE! Singular sensation, every little step he takes..."

“ONE! Singular sensation, every little step he takes…”

The team got right back to work after yesterday’s 0-0 draw with Olimpic de Xativa. Good to see that Gareth has recovered from his flu like symptoms to practice with Cris for Real Madrid’s production of A Chorus Line Tuesday’s Champion’s League match against Copenhagen. Continue reading

The Daily Drool – Epic Bromance Month: Iker Casillas & Gianluigi Buffon

8 Dec

seleccion16--aTwo of my favorites – Iker and Gigi. Fated to spend  their careers playing against each other, often in high stakes matches, these two absolutely adore each other and often talk about their mutual respect. As we all know, Gigi loves love and always seems up for a bro cuddle. And he always seems to bring a smile to Grandpa Iker’s face. Continue reading

The Daily Drool – Epic Bromance Month: Alvaro Arbeloa & Xabi Alonso

4 Dec

largeAlthough they have most often been part of the Triple A’s, these two have been doing just fine on their own in the bromancing department. They’ve been through Liverpool, Real Madrid & La Roja together, not to mention fatherhood, double dating with their wives, Sergio’s bad fashion choices (he appears to be an almost honorary Triple A) and numerous Drunk!Xabi occasions. That’s love! Continue reading

The Daily Drool – Epic Bromance Month: Fernando Llorente & Javi Martinez

3 Dec

fernandojavi01These two are so cute together when they’re with La Roja and they sure were at Athletic Bilbao. I’m wondering if they’re pining away for each other now that they’re in separate countries? Continue reading

A Whole Lotta La Roja Comin’ At Ya!

18 Nov


I would normally put this shot at the end of the post, with the rest of the social media goodies, but seriously…Pepe’s in his underwear. That’s an opening shot, not a closer! I don’t know why it took this pic for me to realize it, but Pepe is totally the type of guy who’s pants are off within seconds of getting in the door. Pepe, we love you for that & thank you for sharing. Continue reading